How Much Money Can You Make With Ezoic? I’m earning 6 TIMES MORE than most bloggers. Here’s How. (It’s Simple But Not Easy)

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If you’ve landed here you may want to know How Much Does Ezoic Pay Per 1000 views? You’re in the right place!

I officially got monetised with Ezoic on 23rd June 2023! woohoo! I detail how to get your blog approved by Ezoic here, (also it’s worth sharing that if you are finding that Ezoic is not updating your website or having cache issues – I discovered a way that works for me here! 

Without further ado, let’s talk about how much money you can make with Ezoic.

My Ezoic Ad Earnings in November 2023
I won’t keep you in suspense. These are my Ezoic Ad Earnings for the whole of November 2023.

Getting Started With Ezoic

Let me give you a bit of background with Ezoic. Before launching my blog I compared the advertising networks available with no minimum traffic requirements. When you have a brand new blog with only a tumbleweed blowing through it, it certainly limits the advertiser networks you can work with.

Ad Networks for Bloggers

Here is a list of advertising networks for bloggers with their minimum traffic requirements:

1. Google AdSense: There’s no minimum traffic requirement. It’s user-friendly and offers various ad formats, but approval can be challenging due to strict policies.

2. No minimum traffic requirement. Known for contextual ads and works best for sites in health, tech, and finance niches.

3. Raptive (formerly AdThrive): Requires at least 100,000 pageviews per month. Popular in travel, lifestyle, food, and parenting niches, with strong support but targets primarily English content from specific regions.

4. Adcash: No minimum traffic requirement. Offers a variety of ad formats and serves a global audience, but some ad formats might impact user experience. I signed up for Adcash, but was rejected for some unknown reason!

5. Amazon Publisher Services: Requires a minimum of 5,000 unique daily visits. Suitable for larger creators with high-traffic websites.

6. PropellerAds: No minimum traffic requirement. Focuses on display ads and is beginner-friendly, but may include low-quality and intrusive ads. Let’s discuss PropellerAds vs Ezoic.  My Propeller Ads review is here – I couldn’t believe my eyes when they put adult / spam ads on my blog. I had an identical experience with Monetag – share my experience here too!

7. Infolinks: No minimum traffic requirement. Specializes in innovative banner ad formats but might have limited customization options and impact user experience.

8. Monumetric: Requires 10,000 pageviews per month. Offers a dynamic approach and personalized service but has a setup fee and only supports WordPress and Blogger websites.

Now with these blogger advertising networks in mind, it’s easy to see why anyone would go for Ezoic.

Getting Started With Ezoic

Starting my journey as a blogger, I aimed to quickly turn my blog into a profitable venture. However, I faced a challenge: renowned ad networks like MediaVine and Epom demanded enormous traffic – 50,000 to 500,000 monthly views. For a newcomer like me, these requirements were steep.

I initially tried Monetag, but was dismayed by inappropriate ads, including adult and gambling content, which didn’t suit my personal finance blog at all. Though Monetag responded promptly to my complaints and attempted to filter out unsuitable ads, the quality remained subpar.

Then came my experience with Hilltop Ads, which was no better, displaying explicit images in their advertisements. Evadav Ads also had its quirks, offering both adult and mainstream content, but defaulting to include suggestive ads unless specifically requested otherwise.

These experiences led me to realize that many ad networks, barring Ezoic, had a similar pattern: they accepted almost any blog but often compromised on ad quality. Ezoic was a game-changer for me. Not only did it have no minimum traffic requirements, but the ads were also high-quality, avoiding spammy or adult content. I was particularly impressed with the exclusive, glamorous brands that appeared on my blog.

When I encountered some initial setup issues with Ezoic, their support team was remarkably helpful. The community support board was responsive, often replying to my queries within a couple of hours. This support was invaluable for a blogging newbie like me.

So, how much does Ezoic pay per 1000 views? While the exact amount can vary, my overall satisfaction with Ezoic stems not just from their payment rates but also from the quality of the advertisers and the support provided.

‘How much Money Can You Make With Ezoic?  

Without further ado here are my Ezoic earnings for the last 30 days: $52.59 with 916 website visits. LET’S DIVE IN!

By way of background, in 2015 I launched my hair vitamins brand. I share the process of creating a supplement brand from concept to launch. I scaled my supplement brand to over one million dollars of revenue and I sold my startup on last summer.

I am not a total newbie to blogging, I scaled my brand using a LOT of blogging and creating Youtube videos on the topic of haircare. I really learned a lot over seven years and I love the creative side of running a business (rather than the whole numbers side – although I am getting better and better at analytics and spreadsheets 🙂)

I’m now absolutely loving blogging about side hustles and financial independence.. I’ve had a few hiccups in getting started, I used the Hostinger website builder and guess what – Hostinger isn’t actually compatible with Ezoic – so I had to build the entire website again with WordPress Builder ( This is a troubleshooting guide for Ezoic and Hostinger compatibility issues!)  

Let’s get back to my Ezoic Ad earnings.

Revenue for the Ezoic ads has been building steadily and this month I am now up to around $60 ePMV (this is earnings per 1000 views). Here’s a little screenshot: My Ezoic ad earnings are $52.59 for 916 views for the month of November 2023

Just a couple of months ago, my Ezoic ad earnings were around $4 for the month and $15 per ePMV. (Unfortunately, I didnt take a screenshot!)

My blog centres around entrepreneurship, financial independence saving money and career advancement. 

I also like to interview founders who have grown and scaled up their business – this has been great particularly just for my own personal business education –  to learn from incredible business minds: these are some of my favourites:

I wanted to share a few things that helped to grow my Ezoic Earnings and also those didn’t work!


I wish I could give you a list of how much money you could make from Ezoic on each niche, but even after a couple of hours of research, no one has ever published a specific dollar estimate for earnings per 1,000 views for each blog niche using Ezoic!

Given the lack of specific data for each niche, I can provide rough estimates for Ezoic earnings per 1,000 views based on the general earning potential and popularity of each niche. There are some great articles on DIYLifeTech.comSEOChatter and Ezoic have created the Ezoic EPMV calculator that you may like to play around with!

Finance and Investing: Likely among the highest earners, possibly around $30 to $40 per 1,000 views.

  • Technology and Gadgets: High earning potential due to tech-savvy audience, possibly around $25 to $35 per 1,000 views.
  • Health and Wellness: Popular niche with a broad audience, likely earning around $20 to $30 per 1,000 views.
  • Travel and Tourism: Good earning potential, especially in peak travel seasons, possibly around $20 to $30 per 1,000 views.
  • Lifestyle and Fashion: Wide appeal, possibly earning around $15 to $25 per 1,000 views.
  • Home Improvement and DIY: Steady interest, likely earning around $15 to $25 per 1,000 views.
  • Automotive: Niche audience with specific interests, potentially around $20 to $30 per 1,000 views.

These are generalized estimates and the actual earnings can be influenced by many factors like audience engagement, site quality, and geographical location of the traffic.

Overall, how much does Ezoic pay per 1000 views? Anything from $10 to $40 per 1,000 views on average, but this figure depends on various factors including the website niche, number of ads displayed, traffic location, and time of year. More precise earnings data for each niche is not readily available in the public domain sadly, so let me just tell you about my personal experience since June 23rd of getting my little blog monetised with Ezoic!


I’ve been staring at my analytics every day to find out which posts are paying the highest ePMV and to build more content around them. The Ezoic analytics are really powerful and they can give you in granular detail, the pages that are making the most money. 

When you go into your Ezoic Analytics: Go to:

  • Revenue
  • Content
  • Pages 

Then scroll across all the way to the left to ePMV. Here you will see the earnings per 1000 views for Ezoic. Click on the ePMV box and it will show you from highest to lowest how much revenue each page is making.

A couple of months ago, this blog post that features pretty much everything I ever learned about building a supplement brand is now up to the ePMV of $500 would you believe it?!

The ePMV for my homepage: is $40 per 1000.

Some of the key takeaways from this high-earning blog post  are:

  • Make your blog post as long as possible (without making it boring or repeating yourself) As I am speaking from personal experience in so much of the post, I like to tell stories which keep the reader intrigued!
  • Keyword research: In all honesty, I am terrible at this. I just wrote my experience of scaling the supplement company. I then went over to Google Keyword Planner and searched for the keywords I included in my article and tweaked some of my words here and there. Going forward I will do the keyword research FIRST lol. I have also been including keywords that have low competition, this is apparently the ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ strategy. 
  • Make sure to include pictures of yourself (I find it much more interesting to see a real-life person telling their story – when reading other people’s blogs, I find myself staying much longer on their page) I edit the pictures using the Canva tool that cuts out your background and adds a funky pink background.
  • Remember to link to your other blog posts
  • I’ve put in Youtube videos ( I think this helps Google rank it a little better, but it does slow the page down)


Humix has been a huge revenue source for me. I’m popping in a screenshot below. In the last 30 days, from 916 visitors to my blog I have made $52.74 and $49.39 of this was from Humix! ooof!

My Humix Ad earnings for the past 30 days! $49.39 for November 2023, coming along nicely 🙂

My videos are being shared across the Humix advertising network which is generating this revenue, as my traffic is still relatively small – the revenue is coming from the advertising network.

I started off with just over 100 videos from my Youtube channel and I have been steadily adding more in my spare time over the last few months. I am now up to 800 videos woohoo!

I use Canva (they have a lovely AI video maker, which is great!) I also use Flickify is also useful (although not as pretty).

Here is my entire Humix library if you’d like to check it out:

It is a real mix of all of my old Youtube vlogs, haircare content for my supplement brand and entrepreneurship content. 

I really had fun creating a lot of videos – as you can see it’s a numbers game!

Heading back into my Ezoic analytics, my Ezoic earnings ePMV for this video is $250 PER 1000. 

In all honestly, I’m not sure how this is calculated – the Humix video is not actually earning $250 per 1000, as it has had over 11,000 views. I can’t see how much advertisers are paying to be shown with this video – but it seems to be earning above average.

 I’m interested if you guys have any insights into this!

As you can see it’s a really simple video that I created on Canva. Canva also has a 30-day free trial of Canva Pro – it’s great!

I also record videos using my mobile or my vlogging camera – I like to share my personal experiences of products I’ve tried out: 

Getting into the nitty gritty of Humix – you also have to make sure that each video has:

I’ve been digging into the Ezoic Earnings analytics and I’ve started to notice a pattern. Content centred around ‘scams’ and separately, blog or video content on the topic of ‘multi-million dollar or million dollar, for example, company or brand – offer above-average earnings – ie at least $100 per 1000 views.


Once you’ve been blogging consistently for a few months and your blog reaches around $50 per month then Ezoic will invite you to Ezoic Premium. I was recently invited and I’ve been with Ezoic Premium for 3 days. Here’s my experience with Ezoic Premium on FIRE: Your Ultimate Guide to Lucrative Side Hustles of 2023

Obviously – please do your own research on this and see if it’s right for you – if blogging really is a side hustle for you, you may not want to pay for Ezoic premium.  I’d heard of Ezoic premium from older blog posts around the web and it looks as if a LOT has changed.

Ezoic Premium is a service that you pay for, (yes I know!!) Advertisers that are willing to spend a little more will be placed on your website.  I was hesitant to go for it but I carefully read the terms and looked at the fees – the fee is literally $4.25 per month – I was expecting it to be much more expensive.

You can choose to pay for Ezoic Premium from your Ezoic ad earnings so I decided to go for it.

I could have chosen to pay less ($3.25 per month) if I opted to pay upfront – but I’ve given myself the challenge of launching a million-dollar business with no money and last summer I started vlogging about my process ( )

I’m going to be filming a new video for this series soon!

I’ve joined Ezoic Premium for a three-year term – and when you do this, you get your first 12 months free!

My Ezoic Premium earnings:

I have been with Ezoic for 3 days and am happy with the results so far! Onwards and upwards folks!


When you join Ezoic, you automatically get a free account with Flickify. This AI video creation tool will allow you to make five free videos. Videos are an absolute must – as you can see from my analytics above. Once you have created the videos make sure that the toggle is switched on so that your Flikify videos are shared on the Humix network. 

Another lovely benefit of joining Ezoic Premium is that they offer you credits to create 100 videos with the AI Video Maker Flickify – neat! 

Flickify has been the easiest and fastest way for me to generate videos at scale. It can automatically generate videos from blog posts. You can also type in a blog idea – and it’s AI will generate the entire script and create a video!

As you can imagine, I have tried A LOT of AI video tools and Flickify by far is the fastest.

Once you post your video to Humix, do remember to add in the description, keywords and links to relevant blog posts. This has honestly been a game-changer for me!


I have joined an affiliate network called Awin. I really do recommend them. It’s free to join and it has The Opportunity MarketPlace – which allows you to post notices sharing your blog and requesting guestposts, interviews and reviews. I regularly get traffic from Awin.

Creating a Forum on

I love reading forums and find them an amazing source of inspiration. I also interviewed Thomas Smale, ( whose startup  FE International has recently reached a billion dollars of revenue)  and he shared how he initially gained his first clients through posting his advice and experiences on Forums. He also shares how important it is to just be consistent. ( I share the full interview here in case you’d like a read – he entirely bootstrapped FE International to a literal billion dollars and I couldnt believe he took the time out of his very busy day to chat to little old me:

What is the Minimum Payout for Ezoic?

The minimum payout for Ezoic is $20. The are three payment methods you can choose from. Net Payment every 30 days. Net Payment every 60 days (Ezoic will add an extra 1.25% revenue to your payout balance. I have chosen to receive a payout every 90 days, Ezoic add a 2.25% bonus to my payout.

So now let’s discuss things that haven’t worked with my Ezoic Flickify and Humix journey!

AI writing Services

I have recently tried out Writio – but I don’t recommend them. It was robotic – it ended up giving me much more work and wasted more time than it ever saved for me! I cancelled my subscription.

Just yesterday I joined SeoWritingAI – I will update you on how I get on with them, but so far so good it has a lovely interface and I love that it scores the AI blog written and encourages you to edit it.

I’m interested in how you’re all getting on and any advice you could offer. My blog is a total work in progress and I can’t wait to see how far I can grow it,

I’m still learning a lot and want to improve the blog theme to make it look professional – it looks as if I built it myself, and guess what – I did!

I’m also wondering if there are way too many ads? 

All feedback, insights, and anything you’d like to share are always appreciated. I’m really enjoying this whole blogging journey and learning more. 

SEO and blogging are Startup 101 – if you can get someone to your website and build a relationship with them then it’s GOLD and I love learning more each day about this space.

I look forward to updating you on my next steps and hearing from you all!  Also, What are your Ezoic earnings?  Comment below!

Peace, love and early retirement!

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