Best Side Hustles for Nurses: The Best Ways for Nurses to Make Extra Money at Home and Beyond!

Modern nursing is a challenging field, continually demanding the energy and focus of every dedicated professional. Despite being tremendously rewarding, the field can sometimes prove to be financially draining. This has led many nurses to explore nurse side hustle opportunities – creative ways to boost income without compromising their primary nursing responsibilities. And luckily, with the advent of technology and remote work options, there is a myriad of nursing side gig possibilities available today. 

So, what can we define as a side hustle? A nurse side hustle is any supplementary work a nurse takes on alongside their primary nursing role to generate additional income. And in a world where financial stability is key, a well-chosen side gig could mean the difference between just getting by and achieving a more comfortable lifestyle. 

“Remember not all side hustles are created equal. For a nurse seeking to balance a vigorous work schedule with a side hustle, it’s critical to choose something that matches your skills, passions, and availability.”

Now that we’ve defined what a nurse side hustle is, let’s delve into the best side gigs for nurses. Whether your motivation stems from financial needs, a desire for variety, or simply a passion beyond your nursing career, this guide is here to help you find the perfect fit. We will cover everything from traditional RN side hustles and LPN side hustles, to remote job opportunities for those looking for a nurse side hustle from home

Stay tuned as we explore the plethora of options where you can channel your nursing skills and make extra money in the process – yes, even from the comfort of your own home! (Over 60% of nurses who side hustle do so from home. )

What Are The Most Profitable Side Hustles for Nurses and How Much Does Each Pay?!

RoleEstimated Pay
Freelance Medical Writing$30-$50/hour
Legal Nurse Consultant$100-$150/hour
Health Coaching$20-$40/hour
CPR and First Aid Training$25-$30/hour
Health Blog \ YouTube ChannelVaries (dependent on ads, sponsorships, etc.)
Part-time Jobs For Nurses$25-$45/hour
Home Health Care Nursing$20-$40/hour
Telemedicine Nursing$30-$50/hour
Educational Roles for Nurses$25-$50/hour
Healthcare Advocacy$20-$40/hour
Telehealth Nursing$28-$44/hour
Clinical Research Coordinator$30-$60/hour
Medical Billing or Coding for Nurses$18-$30/hour
The Best Paying Side Hustles for Nurses and How Much Each One Pays!

Freelance Medical Writing

One of the most profitable side hustles for nurses is freelance medical writing. Freelance medical writing, a common nursing side gig, can earn an extra $30-$120 per hour. With their extensive knowledge in the healthcare field, nurses can write articles, blogs, research papers, and educational materials for various clients. This can be done remotely, making it a convenient option for nurses looking to earn extra money from home.

For instance, you could join freelance platforms, such as Upwork or Freelancer, where healthcare industry writers are often in high demand. If you have specialized knowledge in a particular area of nursing, you could write pieces directly related to that. For instance, a pediatric nurse might write an article about managing childhood asthma for a parenting website. You could also provide expert opinions for news sites, like this nurse did in her article on U.S. News. 

Blogging also provides a way for nurses to share their knowledge with the public and earn an income. You could start your own blog, like The Nerdy Nurse, or contribute to existing health-focused blogs. ( We cover medical blogging in more detail below!) You could also consider writing eBooks on areas of nursing you are passionate about. For example, Nurse Beth started her blog, NurseCode, and subsequently published several useful resources and eBooks for her readers. These methods not only help you earn extra income but also improve your writing skills and establish you as an expert in your field.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Nurses can also consider becoming a legal nurse consultant. This involves using their medical expertise to assist in legal cases, such as personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuits. Legal nurse consultants review medical records, help prepare legal documents, and may even testify in court. This side hustle can be quite profitable, especially for those with experience in the field.

An excellent example of how satisfying the nurse side hustle can be is reflected in Hollie, a Legal Nurse Consultant who shares her success story on her Legal Nurse Business Blog. After years of working in the ICU and transitioning to a desk job, Hollie found the perfect blend of nursing and law as a Legal Nurse Consultant. On her journey, she emphasizes leveraging her prior nursing experience to bring value to every legal case she took part in, epitomizing the RN side hustle. 

Additionally, Vickie Milazzo Institute, a pioneer in legal nurse consulting, showcases the stories of numerous nurses who found success in this legal nurse consultant side gig. These nurses, from different disciplines and backgrounds, have found a profitable side hustle that allows them to use their vast medical knowledge in a different, engaging way. 

Best Side Hustles for nurses

Health Coaching

Health coaching is another side hustle that can be profitable for nurses. As a health coach, nurses can provide personalized advice and plans to help individuals achieve their health goals. This can be done on a flexible schedule, and can even be carried out remotely.

If you need an example of a thriving health coach, look no further than Erin Clifford, a holistic wellness coach and the founder of Erin Clifford Wellness – a testament to how rewarding this side hustle can be. Another notable nurse-turned-health-coach is Elizabeth Scala of Elizabeth Scala wellness coaching, who transitioned from a full-time RN position to become a wellness industry leader, offering mind-body medicine and reiki healing services in addition to coaching. 

Digital platforms also provide opportunities for nurses to step into health coaching with ease. Websites like Wellness Coaching Australia offer certification programs for those interested in this line of work, and Health Coach Institute is another excellent resource that offers comprehensive training. Furthermore, platforms like Wellcoaches, enable health professionals to connect with clients seeking guidance on health and wellness.

Approximately 50% of nurses have a side hustle to supplement their income.

CPR and First Aid Training

Another profitable side hustle for nurses is offering CPR and First Aid training. Many organizations require their employees to have these certifications, and nurses, with their medical background, are well-equipped to provide this training. This can be a great way to earn extra income, especially if classes are offered on weekends or evenings.

For instance, the American Heart Association provides a comprehensive instructor network that nurses can join, enabling them to teach cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid courses. The revenue from these AHA-sponsoredcourses can then supplement a nurse’s income. Nurses can also provide these services independently, such as Channing Bete, a New Jersey nurse who started her own Save a Life CPR training business.

On top of that, there are online platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Udemy that offer a space for health professionals to teach about first aid and CPR. On Udemy, for instance, a registered nurse named Krista Riebesell has designed a course called CPR/First-aid, which has been enrolled by thousands of learners worldwide.


Nurses with a knack for teaching might consider tutoring as a side hustle. They can offer tutoring services for nursing students or those preparing for nursing exams. With the high demand for nurses, there is also a high demand for quality nursing education.

For instance, many platforms like Wyzant and Chegg Tutors connect tutors with students, making it an ideal platform for nurses looking for a tutoring side gig. These platforms allow you to set your hourly rate, giving you control over your income. You can also engage in teaching part-time in local nursing schools, depending on your qualification and the school’s policies, serving as an adjunct faculty member. 

Another popular platform that nurses have successfully used to tutor aspiring medical professionals is Varsity Tutors. Here nurses can provide assistance in preparing for licensure exams, or effectively managing the rigorous coursework associated with nursing programs.

For those who would fancy online tutoring, websites like offer a great place to start. You could also consider creating your own online nursing course on platforms such as Udemy or Coursera, where anybody around the world interested in getting into nursing can purchase and access your course. 

Health Blog \ YouTube Channel

Lastly, nurses can consider starting a health-related blog or YouTube channel. With their expertise, they can provide valuable content on a variety of health topics. Monetizing the blog or channel through ads, sponsorships, or selling products can turn this into a profitable side hustle.

For instance, Nurse Blake is a popular nurse who created a YouTube channel to share his experiences both in and out of the hospital. The channel presents a mix of informational videos, funny content, and personal stories that give insight into the nursing profession. 

Another exemplary figure is Katie Duke, who runs a health and wellness blog in addition to her career as a nurse practitioner. Her blog features fitness stories, personal narratives, and resources for nurses, demonstrating how a passion project can evolve into a successful nurse side hustle.

Additionally, Elizabeth Scala, an RN and the author, uses her nursing blog to serve the nursing community. She has written several books, launched a podcast, and even hosts a yearly retreat. For her, blogging was a stepping stone to multiple profitable side hustles.

These are just a few examples of the multitude of ways nurses can utilize their knowledge to create a side gig. By leveraging their expertise and creativity, any nurse can start a unique, profitable side hustle that also makes a positive impact.

Part-time Jobs For Nurses

Introduction to Side Hustles for Nurses 

If you’re a registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), or nursing student looking for ways to earn extra income, part-time nursing jobs can be an excellent option. Whether you’re seeking flexibility, remote nursing opportunities, or a nursing side gig you can do from home, there are ample opportunities available that accommodate various schedules and skill sets.  

Home Health Care Nursing 

One option is part-time home health care. In this RN side hustle, you can provide nursing services to patients in their homes. The role may involve basic nursing duties such as wound care, medication administration, post-surgical care, and patient education. This nursing side hustle from home allows you to work independently while providing critical care to those who need it most.  

For instance, companies like Kindred Healthcare offer opportunities for nurses to work part-time in home health care. Another example is the nationwide company, Bayada, which consistently hires nurses for home health care roles. Alternatively, nurses interested in working with children with special needs can consider Epic Health Services for pediatric home health nursing roles.

Telemedicine Nursing 

Telemedicine has also opened up many side hustle jobs for nurses in recent years. As a telemedicine nurse, you offer medical assistance over the phone or through video calls. This remote side hustle for nurses can be particularly appealing as it can be done from the comfort of your own home on timeslots that fit your schedule.  

For instance, platforms like and eVisit are web-based, HIPAA-compliant telehealth solutions that give nurses an opportunity to offer their services remotely. These platforms offer a convenient way for nurses to make extra money right from their living room. Taking on these RN side hustle jobs not only provides financial benefits but also aids nurses in delving into different aspects of patient communication and care. 

Another stellar example of an RN side hustle is being a telehealth provider on MDLive. As an online care provider, the nurse can diagnose and treat common medical conditions, and even prescribe medications as necessary, providing a wide range of healthcare services without needing to leave home. It’s an excellent way for nurses to extend their influence and earn additional income. 

For nurses with a specialization or higher degree, platforms like American Well offer opportunities for them to use their specific skills and knowledge to provide specialized care. This platform brings healthcare providers and patients together for online video visits, which can be a fulfilling and profitable side hustle for nurses from home.

Educational Roles for Nurses 

If education is your passion, consider teaching as a side gig for nurses. Many nursing education programs require experienced nurses to teach and mentor students. This could involve training future nurses in academic settings, providing in-service education in clinical settings, or becoming a clinical instructor for nursing students. 

For instance, working as a part-time faculty member at a community college or university is a great way to impart your knowledge and skills to the next generation of nurses. Websites like Indeed list part-time, remote, and on-site nursing faculty positions all over the US. This side gig often requires a flexible schedule and a genuine desire to help nursing students succeed. 

Another avenue is becoming a clinical instructor overseeing nursing students during their hands-on clinical experience. In this role, you guide students as they learn and apply the fundamentals of nursing care in healthcare settings. Vacancies for these positions are regularly posted on platforms like Simply Hired

More specialized teaching roles, such as teaching CPR/First Aid or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), are also in demand. These kinds of training are essential for healthcare professionals and the general public, and experienced nurses are often sought after as instructors. Websites like American Heart Association regularly advertise these job openings. The best part of this role is that it’s usually project-based and part-time, making it an excellent side hustle for nurses.

Healthcare Advocacy 

Furthermore, companies offer advocacy roles where nurses assist patients in navigating the health care system. This can range from helping patients understand their health benefits to aiding in decision making regarding treatment options. Acting as a patient advocate is a fulfilling side job for nurses that allows them to stay connected with patient care without the physically demanding aspects of bedside nursing. 

Telehealth Nursing 

Stepping slightly away from direct patient care, let’s delve into an exciting RN side hustle opportunity – Telehealth Nursing. Your key role is to provide healthcare services remotely, using telephone or video conferencing tools. This job in the digital world allows flexibility and comfort right from your home.  

If you’re looking for ways to make extra money as a nurse, consider companies like Carenet Health or Forward, both of which hire telehealth nurses. Nurse practitioners can also find telehealth opportunities at Doctor on Demand

Another nurse side hustle from home is to register with Amwell, a telehealth platform connecting medical professionals with patients. This platform does require you to have a compact nursing license however, because their patient base is spread across many states. 

Looking for even more flexibility? FlexJobs has a range of remote side hustles for nurses such as medical coders, telephonic case managers, and even remote patient educators. With a vast array of side hustle jobs for nurses, you’re able to choose a role that works best for you.

Role and Impact of Telehealth Nursing 

Furthermore, Telehealth Nursing provides the opportunity to offer quality care to patients who may not otherwise have easy access due to geographic location, physical disabilities, or time constraints. Such remote side hustles for nursescater to a broad array of needs from minor illnesses, post-operative follow-up, chronic disease management to mental health consultations. 

Clinical Research Coordinator 

For those nurses who possess a penchant for detail and research, becoming a Clinical Research Coordinator makes a good fit. With your knowledge and experience, you can play a crucial role in contributing towards medical advancements while earning additional income. 

As a clinical research coordinator, your work might involve coordinating the multitude of tasks necessary for successful trial execution. You might spend day-to-day managing patient recruitment, overseeing informed consent processes and ensuring patient care management is being upheld to the standard necessary for the success of the clinical trial. For instance, Duke-NUS Medical School often looks to hire clinical research coordinators to contribute to the research they’re conducting. 

Another example lies in your responsibility to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, this is highly sought after in organizations such as Mass General Hospital where they appreciate the medical knowledge and regulatory understanding of nurses to inform stringent clinical trial regulations. 

You may also find opportunities with companies conducting trials. These companies like Johnson & Johnson recruit clinical trial nurses frequently for the duration of a study, which can range anywhere from a month to a year, providing you with a flexible yet profitable side hustle opportunity. 

If you’re intrigued by the idea of helping advance healthcare by offering your opinions on medical devices, diagnostic tests, drugs, and healthcare technologies, consider taking medical surveys as a side hustle. Websites like MDLinx offer you the opportunity to earn by contributing your clinical insights.

Side Hustles for Nursing Students: Brand Ambassador 

Let’s not forget about side hustles for nursing students. Being a Brand Ambassador in health-related companies can be a perfect fit, allowing you to build your communication skills, expand your network, and earn a steady income to support your studies. 

For instance, aspiring nurses can take up the role of a brand ambassador for companies such as Medtronic or GNC. These companies frequently search for health-centered brand ambassadors who can effectively use their knowledge to represent and promote their products or services. My Nurse Job, an online platform for nurse job listings, has specific opportunities for nursing students to work as brand ambassadors for health companies. Additionally, healthcare Education Company, Lecturio, offers positions for nursing students to advocate for their medical learning materials. This role offers opportunity to gain marketable skills while earning extra income.

Medical Billing or Coding for Nurses 

If you’ve found a knack for the business side of healthcare during your nursing career, you might want to consider capitalizing on your skills with a side hustle in medical billing or coding where you can work remotely and maintain a balance between your main nursing job and your side hustle. 

Companies like Avoid the Wolf offer remote transcription jobs, a great example of a medical billing or coding side hustle. This position enables nurses to leverage their healthcare knowledge working from their own homes. 

Another medical billing or coding side hustle is contracting with a company like Change Healthcare. As a company focused on innovative healthcare technology, they offer remote roles for healthcare professionals well versed in medical coding. 

Consider also taking a look at Himagine Solutions Inc. This coding-focused company frequently hires nurses for remote coding positions. Their focus on providing coding solutions to healthcare facilities makes it an ideal side hustle for nurses. 

Moreover, sites like IndeedFlexJobs, and Amazon MTurk often list side gigs for medical coding and billing. From freelance roles to part-time positions, these platforms give nurses ample opportunities to find the perfect balance between their main work and their side hustle. 

Nursing Side Gig: Telehealth Nurse 

Another honorable mention for a nursing side gig is the role of a Telehealth Nurse. This type of nursing allows you to address and educate patients virtually, deliver care, monitor patients’ health, and provide consultation right from your home. 

In a rewarding RN side hustle like Telehealth nursing, you could find yourself working for reputed companies like Teladoc, who are pioneers in telemedicine, providing virtual care delivery, especially during these times of the pandemic. You can also explore Doctor on Demand, another leading telemedicine company offering flexible remote side hustles for nurses. 

If you’re eager for a nurse side hustle from home, you could also consider collaborating with online health platforms such as MDLive or American Well. They offer robust infrastructure support for telehealth nursing, enabling good side hustles for nurses to extend their professional services beyond traditional healthcare settings. 

Nurses also have the opportunity to offer care on a global scale with international telehealth companies like Babylon Health. These platforms offer a unique chance for side hustles as a nurse, bringing about a new dimension to the nurse hustle, with the added advantage of contributing to universal healthcare.

Health App Development 

If creative pursuits inspire you, you could explore a lucrative rn side hustle in the thriving field of health app development. Your unique insight into patient care and healthcare operations can greatly contribute to the creation of useful, patient-centric health applications that revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Remember, the right side hustle for you wholly depends on your personal interests, career goals, and current lifestyle. With so many exciting possibilities out there, finding a fulfilling and profitable side hustle that suits a nurse’s changing needs and career aspirations is more achievable than ever.

So, whether you’re looking for nurse hustle that caters to your preference for patient interaction or require an easy side hustle for nurses that allows you to work from home, there’s a part-time job out there for every nurse. Remember, balancing side hustle nursing jobs with your primary professional responsibilities is crucial for avoiding burnout and ensuring you continue to enjoy the rewarding world of nursing.

Concluding Thoughts on Side Hustles for Nurses 

In this ever-growing and dynamic field of nursing, myriad opportunities exist to expand your expertise beyond the typical rn side hustle, offering ways for nurses to make extra money without compromising your profession or personal life. It’s possible to find a side hustle for nurses at home, a remote side hustle for nurses, or a nurse side hustle from the physical environment depending upon what feels right for you. And as a nursing side hustle from home, it’s not only about earning additional income but also the space to explore new horizons and add to your professional experiences. 

Take note of the following resources to get started on your journey to find the best side gigs for nurses that suit your personal preferences and professional ambitions. 

With numerous side hustles for nursing students and experienced nurses, you can easily carve out an extra role that brings you satisfaction, financial benefits, and a chance to extend your nursing skills in a completely new dimension.

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