Barista & Co BrewStick Full Review: I’m a Coffee Connoisseur, and This is The Finest Coffee I’ve Ever Sipped!

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A Warm Intro

On the path towards financial freedom and early retirement, prudence with money is crucial. However, there’s one indulgence that I’m totally unapologetic about – my love for coffee. This love runs so deep that during my evening wind-down, I’m already eagerly anticipating the following morning’s trip to my local coffee shop for an invigorating cup of coffee.

A strong cup of coffee turns me into a one-woman powerhouse, brimming with ideas and determination. And yes, I am on a hedonistic treadmill towards increasingly pricey cups of coffee. The crown for the most expensive coffee I’ve ever purchased goes to a £5.80 oat milk cappuccino at a Viennese airport.

I will unabashedly admit that I’m a coffee snob. There’s a kind of magic that freshly brewed coffee possesses, a fragrance so mesmerizing and unique, it’s simply beyond compare!

But honestly dear reader, I am literally drinking away my retirement. My savings account just can’t cope anymore.

And so with that said, let’s dive into a brew-tiful exploration of the world of at-home coffee making! ☕ 

This is not just a story of great taste and the joy of a perfect cup, it’s also about a path to financial independence, clever budgeting, and even accelerating your retirement. Yes, you read it right, making your own coffee at home can indeed play a significant part in achieving these financial goals.

The Cost of Coffees Really Add Up 

The simple act of brewing coffee at home may seem insignificant at first glance, but the financial implications of this daily ritual can add up impressively over time. A study by CITYAM found that the average Londoner spends over £366 per year on coffee alone!  Imagine the interest you could amass if this was invested or saved each year. Let’s cut this expenditure down significantly by embracing at-home brewing – it could be a potential gold mine of savings!

Switching from your daily café visit to home-brewed coffee can lead to substantial savings that, when strategically invested or saved, can contribute meaningfully towards achieving financial independence and retiring faster. By incorporating at-home brewing into your routine, you’re not only embracing a cost-effective habit but also making a budget-friendly lifestyle change that aligns with the principles of financial prudence!

Barista & Co Brew It Stick Reviewed

Barista Brew Stick Full Review

In this article, I’ll delve deeper into a coffee brewing solution, the Brew It Stick, and a coffee brand, Barista & Co, which combine taste, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on this journey, all the while shedding light on how you can add a strong flavour of financial savvy to your delicious cup of coffee. By making this small change, you can start saving those pennies, getting closer to your financial goals, and retire faster than you’d imagined.

Let’s dive into the world of at-home brewing and its surprising connection to your journey towards financial independence!

One morning I was scrolling through the Independent online and came across a ‘Best Buy’ that caught my eye – BaristaandCo, listed as ‘The Best Independent Roaster 2022’: I could have freshly brewed, professionally-made coffee shop coffee at home, for a fraction of the price. 

I browsed their store and went for The Brew It Stick, also known as the ‘The Original Coffee Influser” I decided to try out two coffees with the ‘Brew it yourself stick’. I opted for the House Lighter Roast and House Darker Roast.

Sourced directly from the lush Chiapas region of Mexico, the House Light Roast coffee beans are meticulously hand-picked to ensure quality. They’re then freshly roasted in the serene landscapes of Dorset before being promptly delivered to your doorstep. Indulge in the vibrant, audacious flavours of these beans through your preferred filter or pour-over brewing method.

The  House Darker Roast is hand-picked from the best crop in Brazil, with toasting notes of chocolate, macadamia and hazelnut.

While the website promised a 48-hour delivery, I was pleasantly surprised when my order showed up the very next morning.

The coffee was packaged carefully – and I have to mention that upon opening the box, the aroma of fresh coffee was genuinely transcendental!

barista and co brewstick

 It was a truly enchanting experience, one that a dinky Nespresso machine could never replicate.

The path to a perfectly brewed coffee involved just a few straightforward steps. 

What drew me most to The Brew It Stick was its unassuming simplicity. Barista and Co aptly refer to it as the ‘entry-level brewer’. After all, the last thing you want is a complicated ritual before your morning coffee!

How to use The Barista and Co Brew It Stick

barista and co brewstick how to use
  • Scoop the fresh ground coffee into the basket. Leave about half a centimetre from the top.
  • Place the handle back on it.
  • Dunk it into your favourite mug of freshly boiled water. 
  • Wait 5 to 8 minutes – I waited for closer to 8 minutes as I love a strong coffee. And there you have it. 

The taste and freshness gave me that hit of coffee shop coffee! 

Every feature of this brand is made with absolute love.

Just an extra word on the packaging: notice the adorable little air holes at the back. They are designed to allow the irresistible aroma of fresh coffee to waft out, enhancing the unboxing experience.

barista and co brewstick review

Ordering from Barista and Co can also make you feel good about your purchase. They take huge pride in being a member of the 1% for the Planet family and partnering with Project Waterfall. This commitment enables them to contribute to the provision of clean drinking water and sanitation in coffee-growing regions. Every purchase you make includes a donation, a contribution that holds significant value.

I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ll ever need to go back to my local coffee shop and at a fraction of the price, my retirement fund will thank me too.

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Who are Barista & Co? 

Founded by Louise and James Gray, Barista & Co is a brand that centers its operations around the idea that coffee is personal. Louise Gray, the co-founder, insists that instead of dictating what coffee people should drink, they aim to discover what type of coffee their customers enjoy. Whether it’s a milky coffee or a stronger blend, they have the right products to cater to the varied tastes.

Louise acknowledges that coffee preferences are incredibly personal; everyone enjoys their coffee in a unique way. By offering a simple brew guide, they wish to help customers enjoy great coffee without the need to become coffee connoisseurs.

James Gray, the other co-founder, discovered an exquisite taste for coffee during his frequent work trips to Asia. Inspired by the superior standard of coffee he found in tiny street stalls in Hanoi, James, along with Louise, decided to make a difference back home. In their old London flat, they conceptualized the Brew It Stick – a coffee maker designed to make it easier to abandon instant coffee.

Today, their passion project has evolved into a recognized brand, Barista & Co, which enjoys the love of its regular customers for its freshly roasted coffee in Dorset. Their coffee makers grace the shelves of major retailers worldwide, including Selfridges and Harrods. They take pride in their customer community, a group of people who appreciate quality products and are mindful of their impact on the environment. In essence, while they are self-professed coffee geeks, they craft products for coffee lovers.

In terms of affordability, their products offer luxury quality without the corresponding high-end price tag.

barista and co full review

Barista & Co stands out in their commitment to sustainability. They have significantly reduced the use of plastic in their core range, eliminated it from their packaging, and are actively working with manufacturers to recycle ocean-bound plastic. They are also minimizing their carbon footprint by shipping coffee in larger bags, offsetting carbon from UK-wide deliveries, and providing free local deliveries using electric vehicles. Additionally, they have simplified their process, driving the whole bean revolution that reduces the need for large machinery for grinding coffee batches.

Being members of the 1% for the Planet, they pledge 1% of all their sales towards a better future. Thus, every purchase from Barista & Co contributes to making a positive difference.

As a part of their mission to promote sustainability, Barista & Co has taken the initiative to repurpose ocean-bound plastic into eco-friendly and stylish coffee makers. This allows customers to enjoy their favorite brew while positively impacting the environment.

Barista & Co has also committed to reduce their environmental impact by offsetting their carbon emissions and using eco-friendly transportation. They offer free local delivery in their electric vans to most BH postcodes, allowing their customers to enjoy their coffee with a reduced carbon footprint.

Lastly, they emphasize lasting partnerships with their coffee farmers, whom they know by name. They communicate directly with their farmers, understanding their farms and working towards maintaining excellent coffee standards that bring about positive change in their communities. It’s a symbiotic relationship that not only results in fantastic coffee but also uplifts the communities involved in its production.

By choosing Barista & Co, customers not only indulge in delicious coffee, but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable way of life.

To sum it all up, our exploration of the Brew It Stick and Barista & Co’s tantalizing coffee has been a journey brimming with delicious revelations. Not only did we discover a brand that excels in delivering superior taste, but one that also diligently values sustainability and the environment.

The Brew It Stick, an innovative and user-friendly coffee brewing solution, is an investment every coffee lover should consider. By using this handy tool along with Barista & Co’s ethically-sourced coffee, you are able to create your own little coffee haven right at home, savouring the bold and aromatic flavours whenever the mood strikes.

Beyond the taste, this at-home brewing solution has a significant economic edge. The cost-effectiveness of brewing your own coffee can result in substantial savings over time, proving to be a pocket-friendly alternative to the daily trips to the local café. This aligns perfectly with the financial independence journey, where every penny saved propels you further along the path towards your goal.

Barista & Co’s commendable commitment to creating a better world, one cup of coffee at a time, underpins their brand philosophy. The seamless integration of passion for coffee, environmental stewardship, and community support is inspiring.

Final thoughts

We trust that this deep dive into the Brew It Stick and Barista & Co’s coffee encourages you to seek quality, sustainability, and conscientious consumption. After all, each sip of your home-brewed coffee can be a stride towards a more sustainable future and your own financial freedom. Let’s enjoy the taste of financial independence, one delicious home-brewed cup at a time!

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Have you been brewing your own coffee? Comment below! xx

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