15 of The Highest Paying Side Hustles for Nurses: Earn Extra Cash From Home

Welcome back ! Today we‚Äôre exploring the best paid side hustles for nurses! Did you know that¬†About 40% of nursing students have a side hustle to support their education. ?¬†Nurses can leverage their skills and knowledge to earn extra income through side hustles.¬†If you‚Äôre ¬†a nurse or know one ‚Äď share this article with them ‚Äď lets dive in!

Finding Profit in Words: Freelance Medical Writing as a Nurse Side Hustle

When it comes to nursing side gigs that offer both flexibility and profitability, freelance medical writing stands tall. Nurses, with their vast healthcare understanding, find themselves in a unique position to create a variety of written content. They can pen down everything from blog posts and research papers to educational guides, servicing a broad client base. Indeed, your experience and knowledge as a nurse can be an invaluable asset in creating engaging and informative content for websites, magazines, blogs, and other medical literature. Writing healthcare blogs or medical transcription are rewarding ways for nurses to make extra money. 

How to Start as a Freelance Medical Writer

If you’re wondering how to kickstart your RN side hustle in medical writing, start by familiarizing yourself with the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). This will help you write content that ranks high on search engine results, making your work more visible to potential clients. 

Honing Your Writing Skills

As in any other form of writing, practice makes perfect. Start by writing on topics you’re comfortable with and passionate about. Over time, you’ll develop a unique writing style, making your content more attractive to your target audience. This, in turn, will boost your credibility as a freelance health writer. 

Identifying Your Niche

The healthcare industry is vast and diverse. As a nurse, choosing your specific niche can be informed by your training, knowledge, and passions. Possible topics could include pediatrics, mental health, patient care, or medication management. The more specific your medical writing niche is, the less competition you’ll have, making it an easy side hustle for nurses. 

Best Side Hustles for Nurses

Building Your Portfolio

Having a good portfolio is crucial for your freelance writing career. Start by creating a blog or website where you can showcase your writing skills. In addition to writing new pieces, repurpose work-related reports, brochures, or presentations into articles. This will provide potential clients with evidence of your writing competence and your deep understanding of healthcare topics. 


Tap into your professional networks for potential writing opportunities. Start by letting your colleagues, friends, and family know about your side hustle. Attending healthcare seminars, joining online healthcare groups on social media, and connecting with other healthcare writers can also open doors for you. Networking can be an effective strategy for securing lucrative side hustles for RNs. 

Approximately 50% of nurses have a side hustle to supplement their income.

Applying for Writing Jobs

Once you feel confident in your writing and think that your portfolio represents you well, it’s time to start applying for freelance health writing jobs. Look for opportunities on various job boards, freelance marketplaces or reach out to healthcare blogs and websites to see if they would be interested in your services. Remember to remain consistent, as landing the best side gigs for nurses might take some time. 

Keep these tips in mind, delve deep into the opportunities out there, and let your side hustle complement your nursing career seamlessly. After all, it‚Äôs about doing what you love and making a¬†remarkable difference in people‚Äôs lives ‚ÄĒ¬†all from the comfort of your home.

Side Hustle Ideas for Nurses: The Convenience of Remote Work

A significant advantage with this RN side hustle is the ability to work remotely. This offers nurses an opportunity to make additional income right from their homes, balancing their demanding schedules with a side hustle from home. This way, they can juggle their regular hospital duties with a profitable side gig in nursing.

Over 60% of nurses who side hustle do so from home.

Freelance Medical Writing

One of the most profitable side hustles for nurses is freelance medical writing. With their extensive knowledge in the healthcare field, nurses can write articles, blogs, research papers, and educational materials for various clients. This can be done remotely, making it a convenient option for nurses looking to earn extra money from home. Freelance medical writing, a common nursing side gig, can earn an extra $30-$120 per hour.

Telehealth Nursing

Telehealth nursing is another lucrative side hustle. Telehealth nursing, a popular RN side hustle, has seen a 70% increase in demand since 2020. As telehealth becomes more prevalent, there is an increasing demand for nurses who can provide remote patient care. This involves assessing patient symptoms over the phone or via video chat, providing health education, and coordinating care.

Telehealth nursing also provides several benefits, offering a conducive environment for a nurse side hustle from home. Instead of hustling through a traditional clinic or hospital setting, nurses can have one-on-one consultations without leaving their homes. This not only allows for more flexibility in scheduling and a secure, home-based workspace but also reduces exposure to health risks. 

Having a telehealth nursing role as a side gig enables nurses to strategize their time and balance their regular jobs with these additional sessions. It’s a fantastic way for nurses to make extra money, utilizing their expertise while accommodating their personal schedules. With the potential for higher hourly compensation than traditional nursing roles, it’s easy to see why it has become a popular option among those seeking profitable side hustles for nurses. 

For those curious about how to start a telehealth nursing side hustle, you begin by seeking certification from a credible organization, such as the The Telehealth Resource Centers. Along with the necessary qualifications, nurses should have excellent communication skills and be comfortable with technology to thrive in this field. 

Nurses can also expand their telehealth services by incorporating health coaching, another viable side gig. Here, nurses can provide nutritional advice, stress management techniques, and overall wellness strategies to clients in addition to their regular calls. It’s an excellent example of an RN side hustle job that is both rewarding and impactful. 

In conclusion, telehealth nursing and health coaching are more than just convenient work-from-home options. They form a rich tapestry of side hustle opportunities where registered nurses can leverage their skills, earn a substantial income, and continue to make meaningful contributions to healthcare from the comfort of their homes.

Best paying side hustles for nurses

Nurses can also consider becoming a legal nurse consultant. This involves using their medical expertise to assist in legal cases, such as personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuits. Legal nurse consultants review medical records, help prepare legal documents, and may even testify in court. This side hustle can be quite profitable, especially for those with experience in the field. Nearly 30% of nurses use their side hustle income to pay off student loans.

Besides, a unique and rewarding rn side hustle is being a health seminar speaker. If you’re a nurse with striking public speaking skills, use it to your advantage. Conduct seminars at events, conferences, or workshops covering health topics you’re well-versed in. The vast range of subjects could include anything from clinical care and health promotion to patient safety and disease prevention. This gig positions you as a specialist, allowing you to impart knowledge, inspire other professionals and even open up potential travel opportunities depending on the nature of the events. 

Also, if you have a knack for dietetics and wellness, offering nutrition planning and advice is an excellent nurse side hustle from home. In this role, you create meal plans and provide nutritional guidance to individuals aiming at enhancing their health or managing chronic ailments. As a nurse, you have a profound understanding of how nutrition affects overall health. This side hustle can be particularly fulfilling and flexible, allowing you to consult with clients in-person or online, and tailor your services to match your interests and expertise. 

Another fantastic side hustle idea for nurses includes launching their own business or a side gig. With your profound knowledge and years of hands-on experience in the field, consider starting a wellness blog or vlog, or even an e-commerce store specializing in health and wellness products. This won’t just provide a steady source of supplemental income, but also provides a creative outlet. Plus, it’s an excellent way to interact with a global audience and widen your network. 

Last but not least, if you enjoy travelling or need a change from your regular nursing environment, consider travel nursing as one of the best side hustles for nurses. It involves nurses moving temporarily to work in different locations as per the demand. While the assignment duration and location depend on the hiring healthcare facility, it is a splendid chance to see different parts of the country or even the world, while earning a substantial extra income. 

With these varied side hustles, you indeed gain an opportunity to diversify your income, explore new work sectors, enhance your professional skills, and work on your own terms. Make the most of it and turn your nursing expertise into a profitable and satisfying side hustle.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is another side hustle that can be profitable for nurses. As a health coach, nurses can provide personalized advice and plans to help individuals achieve their health goals. This can be done on a flexible schedule, and can even be carried out remotely.

There is a wide range of people who can greatly benefit from health coaching, such as those aiming to manage weight, increase energy levels, manage stress, or even those dealing with chronic illnesses. Being able to remotely dole out advice, lend moral support, and create custom fitness or meal plans offers a versatility that most side gigs can’t provide. 

One key advantage of this RN side hustle is that it perfectly dovetails with the skills you’ve cultivated as a nurse. You can leverage your nursing knowledge, experience, and empathy to enrich people’s lives on a daily basis. Plus, as a health coach, you’d be an integral part of their wellness journey, which can be incredibly rewarding. 

Another potential side hustle is nutrition consulting. Suppose you’re a nurse with an interest in dietetics and wellness. In that case, you could provide expert advice on meal planning and nutritional guidance to individuals striving for healthier lifestyles or managing chronic diseases. This can be an excellent way for nurses to make extra money while also helping people improve their health. Much like health coaching, it’s a flexible option that can be performed either in-person or virtually. 

Perhaps one of the more unconventional but fun side jobs for nurses could be as a health seminar speaker. If you enjoy public speaking and are knowledgeable in specific health topics, you may find presenting at conferences, workshops, or events rather fulfilling. Not only does it position you as an expert, but this side hustle also lets you educate, inspire and interact with a diverse audience. Additionally, depending on the event’s scope, there may even be opportunities for travel. 

In conclusion, nursing side gigs vary widely, allowing you to select something tailored to your unique skills, interests, and lifestyle. Whether it’s remote side hustles for nurses like health coaching, or in-person engagements like health seminar speaking, the choice is yours. The demand for health and wellness knowledge is undeniably huge, and as a nurse, you’re perfectly positioned to take advantage of this while making extra income.

CPR and First Aid Training

Another profitable side hustle for nurses is offering CPR and First Aid training. Many organizations require their employees to have these certifications, and nurses, with their medical background, are well-equipped to provide this training. This can be a great way to earn extra income, especially if classes are offered on weekends or evenings.

Starting a CPR and First Aid Training Side Gig

Starting a CPR and First Aid training side hustle doesn’t require much time or financial investment. First, ensure that your certifications are up-to-date. You’ll also need to be certified as an instructor. The American Red Cross and American Heart Association both offer instructor training programs that are suitable for nurses. 

Next, decide on the structure of your courses. You could offer a full-day comprehensive training session, or you could break it down into shorter, more manageable modules. Think about your potential clients and what format might be most appealing to them. 

You’ll also need to figure out where to hold your classes. If you’re considering this as a side hustle from home, you could use a space in your home. Alternatively, you could rent a room in a community center or arrange to use a room at your workplace. You should also consider offering on-site training for businesses, which could make your services more appealing and draw in more clients. 

Promoting Your CPR and First Aid Training Services

Once your business structure is in place, it‚Äôs time to start promoting your services. Utilize social media platforms, create a¬†simple website, and make use of local community boards and online classifieds. Let your healthcare colleagues know about your new venture ‚Ästthey might know of interested parties or be interested themselves. Attend networking events for healthcare professionals and join online forums and communities relevant to your training area. All of these channels can help get the word out about your new RN side hustle.¬†

The Benefits of This Nursing Side Hustle

Running your own CPR and First Aid training service can be a rewarding and profitable side gig for nurses. Not only does it provide a supplemental source of income, but it’s also a great way for nurses to utilize their skills outside the hospital environment. Plus, you’re providing an invaluable service that could potentially save lives. This added sense of purpose can make this side hustle for nurses at home not just financially rewarding, but personally fulfilling as well.

Medical Teaching

Nurses with a knack for teaching might consider tutoring as a side hustle. They can offer tutoring services for nursing students or those preparing for nursing exams. With the high demand for nurses, there is also a high demand for quality nursing education.

 can be done both in-person or online, providing great flexibility, making it an excellent choice for a nursing side gig from home. Sites like Wyzant and can connect you to students needing help in different nursing subjects. Or, for a more personal interaction, consider reaching out to local nursing schools. Some may have tutoring services in place where you could offer your expertise.

It’s a rewarding way to give back to the nursing community while also supplementing your income. Additionally, aiding in the education of future nurses strengthens your own knowledge base, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the latest practices and developments in the field. 

Another teaching-based side hustle to consider is the development of an online course or curriculum. Maybe you’ve found a more effective way to deliver CPR or noticed a lack of resources for dealing with specific healthcare challenges. If there’s an area of nursing you’re especially passionate about, creating a course could be a fantastic way to share your expertise and make extra money in the process. 

Platforms like Udemy or Coursera enable you to share your materials with engaged learners and earn revenue from course sales. This is a side hustle idea for nurses that could turn into a profitable business, depending on the demand and popularity of your course. 

This fun side job for nurses also extends beyond just course creation. Perhaps you could write an e-book on a specific nursing topic and publish it to platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Publishing. Nurses are at the forefront of healthcare, putting them in a unique position to write about their experiences, advice, and lessons gathered throughout their careers. 

Overall, teaching-based side hustles leverage your nursing knowledge and skills effectively, make you feel fulfilled and allow you to earn extra income at the same time. Remember, the best side hustles for nurses are those that align with their interests and schedules. Start exploring these opportunities and find what suits you best today.

Start a YouTube Channel or Blog

Nurses can consider starting a health-related blog or YouTube channel. With their expertise, they can provide valuable content on a variety of health topics. Monetizing the blog or channel through ads, sponsorships, or selling products can turn this into a profitable side hustle.

If you’re looking for an RN side hustle that’s both fulfilling and allows you to share your nursing knowledge with a wider audience, launching a health-focused blog or YouTube channel might be the perfect solution. You have an advantage in this digital era where people are constantly looking for authoritative and trustworthy health information. You can use your nursing experience and credentials to create content that can answer common health queries, debunk health myths, or provide helpful advice on topics such as wellness care, disease prevention, medical procedures, or even the nursing profession itself. 

Once you establish a steady readership or viewership, there are several ways you could potentially generate income. Advertising revenue through platforms like Google AdSense is one way. However, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions before opting for this. Affiliate marketing, where you recommend health products and earn a commission for each sale through your reference, is another way to monetify your platform. This needs to comply with FTC guidelines; thus, disclosure of affiliate links is mandatory. 

Additionally, consider selling your own products or services. Maybe you have a successful stress management routine, a fitness program suitable for busy healthcare professionals, or a comprehensive guide for nursing students. Providing these in the form of ebooks, courses, or personalized consultation can be great sources of income. Remember that diversification of income sources is a key strategy in the world of side hustles. 

While being a lucrative proposition, remember that successful blogging or video creation requires time, consistency, and persistency. Figuring out the technical aspects of running a website or a YouTube channel, generating fresh content consistently, SEO optimization, and reader/viewer engagement are all part of the process. Don’t be discouraged if growth is slow at first; steady, passionate efforts often bear fruit over time.

Ultimately, this side gig not only adds to your wallet but also enhances your professional reputation and influence. Whether you’re an LPN, RN, or a nursing student, starting a blog or YouTube channel is a side hustle that brings both personal and financial rewards. Embrace the digital age and let your voice be heard!

Medical Transcription

Another opportunity is medical transcription. This involves listening to recorded medical dictation and typing it out.

Side HustleDescriptionIncome Potential
Medical TranscriptionTransforming doctors’ voice recordings into written documents.$1000/month part-time
Telehealth NurseProviding healthcare services remotely via telecommunication tools.Variable
Medical SurveysFilling out surveys about medical devices, diagnostic tests, and more for additional income.Dependent on completed surveys
Healthcare Writing/BloggingCreating content related to the medical field, possibly based on personal experiences.Depends on reach and monetization strategies.
Extra Shifts/Travel NursingPicking up extra shifts at the hospital or taking temporary travel nursing assignments.Variable based on shifts/hours.
The Best Side Hustles for Nurses

Clincial Research Coordinators

Lastly, nurses can also work as clinical research coordinators. This involves coordinating and overseeing clinical trials. This can often be done remotely, especially in the data management aspect of the trials.Another opportunity is medical transcription. This involves listening to recorded medical dictation and typing it out. It requires a good understanding of medical terminology, which nurses already have. This can be done on a flexible schedule, making it a good side hustle.

Sell Products

Creating and selling nursing-related merchandise can be a fun and creative side hustle. This could involve designing t-shirts, mugs, or posters with nursing-themed graphics or slogans. With online platforms like Etsy or Redbubble, it’s easy to set up a shop and start selling products.

If you’re artistically inclined and have a clever way with words, this side hustle for nurses can provide a creative outlet outside your regular nursing job. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to unify and inspire the nursing community while making extra money from home. You could consider contributing to the many humorous, insightful, or heartwarming designs that nurses across the globe identify with. 

Before starting this venture, ensure you have a clear understanding of your potential audience. Depending on your creativity, your target customers could range from fellow nurses to administrators, nursing students, and even patients or their families. This nurse side hustle presents an opportunity for you to customize items based on the recipient’s personality, preferences, or specific circumstances. 

Also worth mentioning is the potential customer satisfaction that comes with this kind of side gig. Knowing that your products might brighten someone’s day, whether it’s a bedside nurse sipping coffee from a mug bearing an encouraging slogan or a nurse graduate proudly wearing a t-shirt marking their achievement, can make this endeavor much more rewarding. 

If digital design isn’t your thing, don’t rule out this nurse hustle just yet. Collaborating with a designer, who can translate your nursing experience into visually appealing designs, could be a beneficial partnership. You provide the insider nursing knowledge, and they help create the products. It’s important to bear in mind the costs associated with hiring a designer and how that may factor into your profitability. 

Overall, selling nurse-themed merchandise offers a unique combination of nursing and entrepreneurship and a creative way for nurses to make extra money. A side hustle of this kind is not only potentially profitable but also a chance to connect with and inspire the nursing community on a larger scale.

Medical Coding

Lastly, nurses can consider becoming certified coders. Medical coding involves translating patient information into standardized codes used for billing purposes. Many companies offer remote medical coding positions, making it a suitable side hustle for nurses from home.

As a nurse, your knowledge and expertise place you in a unique position to delve into medical coding. As a side hustle for RNs, medical coding can be an excellent way to use your industry insight to generate extra income. Furthermore, numerous programs provide medical coding training online. 

Once you’ve acquired the necessary certification, companies like Aviacode, Precyse, and iMedX regularly post medical coding positions. Most of these roles are remote, allowing you to manage your coding gigs from home conveniently. 

Moreover, it’s not just about earning extra cash; medical coding also adds a special skill set to your professional profile. It differentiates you in the often-competitive nursing field and opens up possibilities for career advancement. Clinics, hospitals, and outpatient facilities are only a few of the places where certified medical coders are highly sought after.

Healthcare App Consultant as a Side Hustle for RNs

With the rise in healthcare technologies, nurses can venture into the tech world as Healthcare App Development Consultants. This side hustle provides an opportunity to shape the digital tools that could transform future healthcare delivery. You will be able to advise tech companies on healthcare needs and app usability. 

Your experience as an RN gives you valuable insights into what healthcare professionals and patients require, such as app features, user interface design, and adherence to healthcare regulations. It’s not just a profitable side hustle for nurses but also an exciting field where you can push the limits of what’s possible in healthcare. 

Stepping into the technological arena can potentially blend your passion for healthcare and cutting-edge innovation perfectly. Moreover, it also provides you with an ample opportunity to shape the future digital tools that could revolutionize healthcare delivery. Such a unique RN side hustle, like being a Healthcare App Development Consultant gives you the opportunity to convert what could seem like complex clinical knowledge into accessible information crucial in tech development. So, if you love to be part of the newest healthcare innovations without leaving the nursing field completely, this could be the best side hustles for nurses. 

Participate in Medical Surveys for Extra Cash

Being an RN, your opinions matter, and companies are willing to pay for them! Participating in medical surveys can be an easy side hustle for nurses looking to make extra money without taking on a significant commitment. Many websites offer paid surveys on various topics, including medical devices, diagnostic tests, drugs, and other healthcare technologies. 

Taking on these nursing side gigs simply involves providing your opinions and experiences in healthcare, making it one of the¬†best side hustles for nurses¬†who want to earn extra money in their spare time. It‚Äôs simple, convenient, and can be done from anywhere ‚Ästat home, during your commute, or between shifts.

Remember, although side hustles are an attractive option to earn some extra cash, they remain opportunities to learn, grow, and explore new career pathways. Possibly, one of these side hustles for nurses may eventually turn into something more permanent, fulfilling, and profitable!


Consulting is another potential side hustle for nurses. Many healthcare companies, law firms, and other businesses need consultants with a deep understanding of the healthcare system and medical practices. As a nurse, you could provide this expertise and work from home. 

Consulting can often involve reviewing medical records or case files, providing expert opinions on medical procedures and standards of care, among other tasks. All these tasks can be a perfect RN side hustle. As a nurse, you already have the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this nursing side hustle. 

Additionally, consulting can provide a high degree of flexibility, which is ideal for nurses seeking side hustle jobs they can comfortably manage alongside their regular duties. Contract lengths can vary, and nurses can select opportunities that fit best with their schedule, making it a favorable side hustle for nurses at home. 

Now, you may wonder ‚Ästhow can I¬†get started as a¬†consultant? The first step is to identify a¬†specific healthcare area you‚Äôre particularly well-versed in. From there, start building your network and reaching out to potential clients. Attend relevant conferences, join professional consulting organizations, and don‚Äôt be afraid to leverage platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with professionals in the industry.¬†

Moreover, establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen field will be critical for your success as a consultant. This can be achieved by publishing articles or blogs, giving talks or webinars, or even attending workshops and conferences. 

Also, like any other side hustle for nurses, consulting requires some initial work in terms of setting up your consulting business appropriately. You’ll have to figure out your billing system, contract agreements, and potentially even liability insurance. 

All things considered, consulting is a profitable side hustle for nurses that allows you to use your nursing expertise in a new, flexible way. It’s a testament to the broad range of opportunities available for nurses who want to expand their horizons beyond traditional nursing roles while adding a nice chunk of change to their monthly earnings. 

This ends our current discussion on consultancy as an RN side hustle.

In conclusion, branching out your nursing skills into side hustles can be an exciting and profitable endeavor. Whether you decided to start freelance medical writing, remote telehealth services, CPR training, medical teaching or any other of the numerous opportunities available, you are sure to find a venture that aligns with your interests and skill set. 

Keep in mind that the best side hustles for nurses are not only those that supplement income, but also offer personal fulfillment, flexibility and the opportunity for continuous growth and learning. You’ve dedicated your career to helping others, why not extend that dedication into a side gig that could not only benefit your financial status, but also continue to make a positive impact in others’ lives. 

In choosing your nursing side hustle, remember that what matters most is that it complements your lifestyle, aligns with your personal goals, and utilizes your unique nursing skills in new and innovative ways. So, whether you’re looking to try your hand at entrepreneurship, or just seeking a way to make additional income, there’s a world of RN side hustles waiting for you to explore.

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