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If you’ve come across this blog, chances are, you’re on your own journey to financial independence and seeking ways to turn your side hustle into a profitable business. You could also be learning how to set up a business with no money. Back in 2015, I did exactly that. And then in 2022, I sold my startup and retired. Each day I post a new blog here on sharing all the bizarre, stressful, and fun stuff that happened to me along the way.

I also love reading, and I’m taking some time out to read books commonly recommended on MBA courses.

Today I’ve just finished reading Good to Great (2011) by Jim Collins, a valuable resource for anyone striving to achieve financial independence and transform their side hustle into a thriving enterprise.

Good to Great presents the findings of a 5-year study by Collins and his research team. They sought out public companies that had achieved incredible success after years of pretty average performance and isolated the factors that made them stand out from their competitors.

Collins and his research team studied three groups of public US companies over five years:

  1. Good-to-great companies
  2. Direct comparison companies: These businesses stayed mediocre or slowly died even though they looked like they had the same chances of success as the good-to-great companies.
  3. Unsustained comparison companies: These companies made a brief move into good-to-great territory before slipping back into mediocrity.
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To achieve financial independence and retire early, consider these key insights from Collins’ research for turning your side hustle into a successful, low-cost startup:

🦔 Find your “hedgehog concept” – Ask yourself three key questions:

  • What can we be the best in the world at?
  • What can we be passionate about?

What is the key economic indicator we should concentrate on?

📈 Success comes from lots of little incremental pushes in the right direction – Like with a flywheel, little improvements begin to generate results that propel the companies further – until enough speed is gathered for a breakthrough.

💻 Use technology to accelerate towards a goal – Don’t see it as a goal within itself.

🌟 You need to be a Level 5 leader – Level 5 leaders are fanatically results-driven and focus on the company doing well, even after they’ve left.

👩‍💼 Get the right people in the right place – Concentrate on character traits and hire hard-working, enthusiastic people.

🏳️ Face brutal facts and have faith – Good-to-great companies live by the Stockdale paradox, confronting the brutal facts of their reality while retaining faith that they’ll prevail in the end.

🔴 Leaders need to create an environment that enables staff to air their grievances – Good to Great companies have red flag mechanisms so that the team can voice concerns.

  • 💼 To stick to the Hedgehog concept, your company needs rigorous self-discipline – Good-to-great companies are made up of diligent and disciplined staff.

I hope you find these insights helpful for achieving financial independence, turning your side hustle into a successful business!

See you tomorrow for another post, appreciate ya! xx

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