Unleashing the Magic of TikTok: Success Stories of Small Businesses and Solopreneurs

Welcome back to my daily blog! This little corner of the universe is dedicated to financial independence and early retirement through starting and scaling up your brand! Back in 2015 I set up my hair vitamins brand and sold it last summer. I share my quite frankly, bizarre story here:

I sold my startup on Acquire.com and had a great time doing it lol! This is everything that happened.

Since I started my store eight years ago the landscape has completely changed. TikTok is the new Instagram and the small businesses that are harnessing the power of this medium are scaling faster than ever! TikTok has proven to be a game changer, with its unique format of short, engaging videos, addictive soundtracks, and a diverse, global user base.

TikTok offers a golden opportunity for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to expand their horizons, establish a compelling brand persona, and potentially even create the next viral sensation – all with a smartphone and a spark of creativity. But the question that often lingers is: how can small businesses and solopreneurs effectively leverage TikTok to broaden their customer base and accelerate growth?

In today’s blog post, I’ll navigate through the fascinating world of TikTok, providing practical, effective strategies that small businesses and solopreneurs can utilize to tap into its tremendous potential. Importantly, I’ll be highlighting real success stories – shining a spotlight on small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who have successfully used TikTok to grow their customer base and elevate their brands.

How to grow your small business using TikTok

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into TikTok or are keen to refine your existing strategy, this guide will offer valuable insights to help you engage with your audience, attract more customers, and ultimately, amplify your business success. So let’s delve into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of TikTok and discover the boundless opportunities it presents!

Today I’m taking you through the brands and solopreneurs that may have small accounts but are reaching 10x and marketing their businesses for FREE on TikTok. Let’s dive in!

Don’t have time to read the whole article: In essence, this how to grow your business using TikTok:

  • Go live on TikTok
  • Share Behind The Scenes Content
  • Just Dance
  • Make Satisfying Content
  • Create amazing how-tos
  • Leverage User-Generated Content
  • Offer Exclusive Deals or Promotions
  • Educational Content
  • Consistency is Key
  • Engage with Your Audience:
  • Don’t forget Your Analytics: Understand Your Audience

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@GlowForIt The Founder of this eyelash serum is such a fantastic walking advertisement! I have never seen such naturally long fluttering eyelashes – No wonder this brand has grown to over 100k followers!  The founder Daisy also shares her personal journey from literally pulling her eyelashes out during sixth-form to developing her own remarkable eyelash serum! GlowForIt has set TikTok ablaze with reviews, it’s gone viral online- and it is currently stocked in BeautyBay !


If you’re wondering how to grow your business profile on Tiktok. I would definitely recommend you follow @Mad_dezignz and tune in for their absolutely hilarious daily live shows.

@mad_dezignz came up on my ‘for you’ page during an evening scroll of TikTok – they’re a husband and wife team making funky hand-made drinking cups! If I’ve learnt anything from growing on TikTok – you really need to do Daily Live videos. In the last three weeks @Mad_Dezignz have gone from 900 to over 5600 followers and they’re still growing rapidly. every evening they go live on TikTok as they hand-apply their designs to each cup!

fire side hustles grow your business on tiktok

What I really love is their free-wheeling energy as they argue with each other whilst working together in real-time – there’s honestly such a beautiful energy and they respond to all comments as they flood in.

Fires Side Hustles grow your business on Tiktok
Fires Side Hustles grow your business on Tiktok



This female-owned stationary brand has been featured in The Guardian, Observer and Stylist Magazine. Just gazing at their stationery makes you feel more organised. The team behind Once Upon a Tuesday bring us along with them on their journey as they sign a lease on a new building, move into their design studio and give us a sneak peek of new designs!

Their wall planners and diaries are feminine, and stylish and really lift the mood!

fire side hustles grow your business on tiktok

@HarperHair has to be one of my favourite solopreneurs on TikTok! Harper’s hair scrunchie brand has grown from 0 to over 7000 followers rapidly through sharing viral ‘how-to’ videos ( This video amassed almost one million views!) I particularly enjoy Harper’s regular live videos: she sits in her home-office packing orders and interacting with each and every one of her customers!

This fabulous young entrepreneur gives us a masterclass in how to engage with potential customers and her scrunchies are so cute and fashionable that they look just as gorgeous on your wrist as in your hair!



I actually came across this brand as it was featured in a TikTok advert on YouTube! When you think of candles, you don’t necessarily think of energetic dancing, laughter and getting together with friends but ¨C13C are brimming over with this!

fire side hustles grow your business on tiktok

Annie and her customers bring so much energy and life to their marketing and it is utterly irresistible! Moreover, this candle company gives brick-and-mortar store owners a masterclass in creating an event space in their store. It’s effervescent, colourful and when I’m next in Connecticut, the Candle Studio will be the first place I visit.

hayman coffee:


Hayman Coffee may have only 29 followers but they get between 600 to 1000 views on each post: How? Beautifully filmed, hard-to-make videos of coffee boiling! This brand is a feast for the eyes – it is so satisfying watching coffee boiling. Their content is beautifully lit, filmed in HD and perfectly showcases this luxury brand. You don’t need a lot of followers on TikTok to maximise your reach.


FIRE Fortuna Cute Home office ideas

It’s Crafternoon time! This is a picture of my first home office in my first place that I decorated my sweet self – yes that is a second-hand bureau that I spray painted and yes I did paint this old wardrobe pink and spray painted spots all over it – did my other half love it? No. Did I love it – no, not the paint drips – but I DO LOVE CRAFTERNOON! The next brand killing it on TikTok are ¨C19C

There’s no end to the incredible personalised products you can make with this nifty, desktop machine! Especially if you’re starting out on Etsy or Not On The High Street, with a creative eye and their daily tutorials, your Cricut could literally turn into a money-making machine!

FIRE Fortuna cute home office
Cricut TikTok
Cricut TikTok

My Journey Protein Shakes came up on my For You page – I’m not really into protein shakes but they are specifically crafted for busy, tired women – ding ding ding. These shakes are packed with essential nutrients that boost your energy levels and they really do what they say on the. I can’t actually live without them now I’ve tried them and if you’re busy, burnt out and knackered – these actually rebuild your energy levels from the outside in – even my husband noticed I was more chipper!

I particularly love the great advice from the founder Jamal, a qualified Nutritionist!

This is a gorgeous fashion brand that showcases glamorous, designer-looking outfits that are colourful, comfortable and holiday-ready! I particularly love how they show off each outfit in the same white dressing room. It’s a small touch – but often fashion brands showcase outfits on busy city streets and I can’t help finding this distracting. The team also regularly go live with reality TV stars!

fire side hustles grow your business on tiktok

Final Thoughts

All of the brands featured give us a real insight into how to harness the power of Tiktok!

Harnessing the power of TikTok can indeed be transformative for small businesses and solopreneurs. As we’ve journeyed through the vibrant world of TikTok together, we’ve discovered just how significant an impact this platform can make in extending your reach, connecting with a wider audience, and ultimately, growing your customer base.

Remember, success on TikTok doesn’t happen overnight. It requires creativity, consistency, and a genuine desire to connect with your audience. By implementing the strategies we’ve discussed, and taking inspiration from those who’ve found success, you’ll be well on your way to creating a meaningful and engaging presence on TikTok.

In a digital age where small businesses and solopreneurs have the world at their fingertips, platforms like TikTok serve as powerful tools in your marketing toolkit. So, grab your smartphone, let your creativity shine, and start making TikToks. You never know – your next video might just be your ticket to viral fame and a surge in customers!

As we conclude this exploration of TikTok for small businesses and solopreneurs, let’s remember the endless opportunities waiting to be seized on this dynamic platform. So, embrace the beat, join the dance, and let your brand story unfold, one TikTok at a time! 🎉

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