Highest Paying Side Gigs of 2023


Hey there, hustlers and go-getters! 🚀 If you’re tuning in today, I bet you’re the kind of person who doesn’t just settle for the status quo. You’re hungry for more, and guess what? I’m serving up some delicious opportunities to fatten your wallet, all from the comfort of your own home—or heck, even a beach in Bali if that’s your vibe.  

Now, if you’re new here, you might not know my story. I started my first business, It Really Works Vitamins, as a side hustle. Yup, you heard it right—a side hustle. I had zilch experience and my budget was laughable. But you know what they say: where there’s a will, there’s a way. Fast forward to last summer, and your girl sold the business. So believe me when I say, the grind pays off!

But enough about me; this is about YOU. I’ve been in those shoes, scrolling through articles late at night, trying to figure out how to get that extra dough. So, I’ve done the legwork and pulled together a list of the highest-paying side gigs of 2023. Whether you’re trying to pay off student loans, planning a dream vacation, or saving for that Tesla, this list has got you covered.

Ready to level up your income? Let’s dive in!

1. Consulting and Coaching

Oh, my friends, if you’ve got a head full of knowledge and a heart full of passion, this one’s a no-brainer. Consulting and coaching are basically the glam models of the side gig world. Why? Because when you’re an expert in a particular field—be it marketing, health, tech, you name it—people will pay top dollar for your wisdom.

So What’s the Deal?

Consulting is all about solving problems for businesses or individuals. They’re stuck in a rut, and you’re the shovel. Meanwhile, coaching often focuses on helping individuals reach specific goals, whether that’s scaling their own business or finally sticking to a fitness plan (New Year’s resolutions, anyone?).

Requirements: Got What it Takes?

1. Expertise: This is not the time for imposter syndrome, y’all. You’ve got to be legit good at something.

2. Communication Skills: Whether it’s face-to-face or Zoom-to-Zoom, you’ve got to get your point across effectively.

3. Credibility: A strong portfolio, client testimonials, or even certifications can work wonders here.

Show Me the Money! 💰

Ah, the juicy part. So how much can you make? Well, earnings can range dramatically based on your field, but expect anywhere from $50 to $300 per hour. Yeah, you read that right—per *hour*! And if you’re super niche, we’re talking potentially *more*.

Pro tip: Platforms like Upwork and LinkedIn can be great launching pads, but don’t underestimate the power of good old networking – here I am networking at the FE International event in London Bridge.

So there you have it! If you’ve got the skills and the drive, consulting and coaching can turn that side hustle into your own personal gold mine. Next time someone says, “If only I knew how to do X,” you can chime in, “Well, have I got a deal for you!”

Check out my full interview with Andrew Gazdecki, Founder of

2. Affiliate Marketing

Alright, let’s talk about the virtual word-of-mouth that’s making some folks richer than their wildest dreams: Affiliate Marketing. This is the side gig for those of you who can sell ice to Eskimos or, you know, really just tell your friends about stuff you love and get paid for it.

So What’s the Deal?

Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting products you believe in and earning a commission for every sale made through your unique link. You’re basically the matchmaker between a brand and potential new customers. Only instead of love, the happy ending here is cold hard cash.

Requirements: Got What it Takes?

1. Website or Blog: Got a blog that’s collecting digital dust? Time to make it work for you!

2. Social Media Presence: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter—wherever you have influence, you can monetize.

3. Trust: People need to believe your recommendations are genuine, not just a quick cash grab.

Show Me the Money! 💰

Here comes the big question: How much money can you actually make? The sky’s the limit, but let’s get real: You’ll need to build up a solid following or have a high-traffic website to make the big bucks. We’re talking anything from $100 a month to upwards of $10,000 if you play your cards right. Some affiliate programs offer recurring commissions too, so make a sale once and get paid over and over. 

And guess what? There are platforms like ShareASale or Awin that can help you find affiliate programs suited for your audience. Don’t forget to read the terms carefully; you don’t want to recommend a terrible company!

So there you have it. Affiliate marketing can be your ticket to semi-passive income, all for talking about products or services you’d probably gab about for free. And hey, who wouldn’t want to make money while basically doing what you’d do on a regular Tuesday evening?

The Best Paying Side Hustles 2023

3. High-End Reselling

If you’ve ever drooled over a vintage Rolex or stumbled upon a rare comic book only to discover it’s worth hundreds, maybe even thousands, you’re already halfway into the world of high-end reselling. This is the side hustle for those who’ve got an eagle eye for the finer things in life but maybe not the wallet to match.

So What’s the Deal?

Imagine this: You’re perusing a yard sale, and you spot a mid-century modern chair that would make any hipster’s heart skip a beat. You buy it for $50, give it a little TLC, and flip it online for $500. That’s high-end reselling!

Requirements: Got What it Takes?

1. A Keen Eye: You need to know a deal when you see one.

2. Storage Space: You’re going to need somewhere to stash your finds.

3. A Platform: eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace—the world is your selling oyster.

Show Me the Money! 💰

I know what you’re thinking—how much can you really make off of someone else’s “junk”? Well, hold onto your thrifted hats because some folks are making six figures doing just this. The key is expertise; knowing the value of items is crucial. But even if you’re not raking in that much, an extra few hundred bucks a month for shopping? Yes, please!

Platforms like eBay can be great for general items, but for specific niches like art or designer clothes, you might want to look into more specialized platforms. Also, don’t rule out social media; Instagram is becoming a hot marketplace for unique finds.

And there you have it, your guide to making bank through high-end reselling. Next time you’re scrolling through eBay, remember: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure—or in this case, your next big payday.

4. Freelance Writing and Content Creation

Alright word nerds, listen up! If you’ve got a way with words and the discipline to sit down and actually, you know, write, then freelance writing and content creation could be your golden ticket. From blog posts to ghostwriting memoirs, the opportunities are as endless as a blank page. And it’s not just writing – here I share my experience of making an extra $2000 as a video content creator on Fiverr!

So What’s the Deal?

Freelance writing isn’t just about stringing sentences together; it’s about crafting messages. Whether you’re penning articles, creating social media content, or even writing video scripts, there’s a market hungry for skilled writers.

Requirements: Got What it Takes?

  • Writing Skill: Obvious, but gotta say it. You need to know how to write well.
  • Portfolio: Before you can sell it, you have to show it. Build up a portfolio to showcase your range and skill.
  • Pitching Prowess: Writing’s half the battle; the other half is convincing people to pay you for it.

Show Me the Money! 💰

Okay, the juicy stuff—what’s in it for your wallet? Freelance writing can be lucrative if you specialize. Technical writers, for example, can make over $100 per hour. But even general blog post writing can fetch you between $25 to $50 per hour, depending on the client and complexity. And let’s not even get started on ghostwriting; those gigs can pay in the thousands.

Platforms like Upwork and Freelancer can be great starting points, but don’t overlook the power of networking and direct outreach. Sometimes the best opportunities come from a simple email or LinkedIn message.

So there you have it, another fabulous way to make extra income, all while honing your writing craft. Whether you’re a wordsmith or just someone who knows how to get a message across, freelance writing and content creation offer a flexible and potentially lucrative side gig.

Stay with me, because there’s more where that came from. More high-paying side gigs are on the horizon!

5. Online Courses and Webinars

For all the teachers at heart, this one’s for you. Remember those times you thought, “Man, I wish someone had told me that when I was starting out”? Well, it’s time to be that someone for others and make some money while you’re at it.

So What’s the Deal?

Online courses and webinars allow you to package your expertise into digestible chunks and sell it. It can be anything from a course on “How to Start a Successful Blog” to a webinar on “Mastering Excel Spreadsheets.” You teach it once but sell it countless times.

Requirements: Got What it Takes?

1. Expertise: People want to learn from someone who knows their stuff, so make sure you do.

2. Presentation Skills: A monotone voice isn’t going to cut it; you’ve got to keep your audience engaged.

3. A Platform: There are numerous platforms like Teachable or Udemy where you can host your courses.

Show Me the Money! 💰

Ah yes, the part everyone’s been waiting for: the potential earnings. Online courses can be a fantastic source of passive income. I’ve heard of people earning anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 a month, depending on the demand and quality of the course. Webinars can also rake in big bucks, especially if they’re part of a high-ticket sales funnel.

The beauty of this gig is that once the course is made, it can be sold indefinitely with little upkeep. Update it every so often, and you’ve got yourself a money-making machine.

And voila, just like that, you’re now armed with another tool in your side gig arsenal. For those of you who love to teach and inspire, creating online courses and webinars could be your gateway to financial freedom—or at least a really sweet vacation.

Don’t go too far, I’ve still got more high-paying side gigs up my sleeve!

6. Real Estate Investing

Don’t click away just yet. I know “real estate” can sound like a game for the uber-rich, but stick with me. Thanks to modern technology, getting into the real estate market is more accessible than you might think, and it can be a seriously high-paying side gig.

So What’s the Deal?

Real estate investing involves buying, owning, and managing properties to earn a profit. However, you don’t need to buy an entire apartment complex to get started. There are options like REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) or crowdfunding platforms that let you invest with a much smaller upfront cost.

Requirements: Got What it Takes?

1. Capital: You’ll need some money to invest, but it doesn’t have to be a fortune.

2. Research Skills: Know the market, understand the risks, and be prepared.

3. Patience: Real estate is often a long game, so don’t expect instant riches.

Show Me the Money! 💰

Here’s the part that makes your ears perk up: the potential returns. Depending on your investment strategy and the market, you could see an annual return of 8-12%, which is pretty darn good. With REITs, you can even start seeing dividends in a matter of months. For those who go the traditional property ownership route, renting out spaces can provide a steady income stream.

Platforms like Fundrise and CrowdStreet make it easy to get started with as little as $500. You can diversify your investments and not put all your eggs in one property basket.

Property investing is a tangible way to build long-term wealth, all while keeping your day job.

Stay with me because there’s still more high-paying side gig goodness to come!

Real Estate Investing as a side-hustle – YES IT can work – if you do it debt free!

7. Dropshipping E-commerce

Listen, I get it. Running a full-fledged online store sounds like a ton of work. But what if I told you there’s a way to sell products without even holding inventory? Enter dropshipping, the low-risk high-reward sibling of traditional e-commerce.

So What’s the Deal?

In dropshipping, you create an online storefront, but you don’t keep any of the products you’re selling. Instead, when someone places an order, it’s purchased from a third-party and shipped directly to the customer. You’re like the conductor of an orchestra, making sure everyone plays their part, but you never touch an instrument yourself.

Requirements: Got What it Takes?

1. Business Acumen: From marketing to customer service, you’re running a business, even if it’s just you.

2. Tech-Savvy: You’ll need to navigate e-commerce platforms, possibly tweak some code, and handle various online tools.

3. Niche Expertise: Successful dropshipping often means focusing on a specific market or type of product.

Show Me the Money! 💰

The potential earnings here vary wildly depending on how much effort you put in and what you’re selling. You could make a few hundred extra bucks a month, or scale it to a six-figure business. Remember, low overhead costs mean higher profit margins, so the sky really is the limit.

Platforms like Shopify have made it simpler than ever to start a dropshipping business. They offer a range of templates, and their app store has plenty of tools to automate most of the process. There’s also a whole world of tutorials and courses that can guide you step-by-step.

And there you have it, from investing in virtual real estate to actual physical properties to turning your way with words or expertise into cash, the world of side gigs is a land of endless opportunity. The important part is to take that first step. Who knows, your side gig could become your main gig, just like my journey with It Really Works Vitamins!

More to come, so keep an eye out for updates on high-paying side gigs that could catapult you into financial freedom!

Certainly, let’s continue this journey with another intriguing side gig: Social Media Management.

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8. Social Media Management

Are you the person who can’t help but optimize a tweet for maximum impact? Do you intuitively know the best time to post an Instagram photo to catch the most eyes? If you’re nodding your head, then social media management could be your calling. And the best part? Companies are willing to pay good money for these skills.

So What’s the Deal?

In a nutshell, social media management involves running a business’s social media platforms. This goes beyond merely posting updates; it also includes crafting a brand voice, engaging with followers, and even running ad campaigns. It’s both an art and a science, blending creativity with analytics.

Requirements: Got What it Takes?

1. Digital Savvy: A deep understanding of various social media platforms is essential.

2. Creativity: From snappy headlines to compelling visuals, creativity is key.

3. Analytical Mind: You’ll need to understand metrics to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Show Me the Money! 💰

Alright, down to brass tacks: what’s the financial outlook? Social media managers can make anywhere from $25 to $100 an hour based on their experience and the scope of the work. Some businesses are even willing to offer retainer contracts, providing a stable income for an otherwise freelance role.

Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or even LinkedIn can be excellent hunting grounds for finding social media management gigs. But don’t underestimate the power of your network; sometimes a casual mention that you’re looking for clients can lead to a fruitful partnership.

And there you go, another high-paying side gig to consider. If you’re already spending hours scrolling through social media, why not get paid for it? Plus, this gig offers the flexibility to work from anywhere—be it your couch, a beach in Bali, or your local coffee shop.

Don’t wander off just yet; we’re not done exploring all the ways you can boost your income without quitting your day job.

Certainly, let’s dive into another exciting and potentially lucrative option: Personal or Business Coaching.

9. Personal or Business Coaching

You know those moments when you’ve been someone’s go-to for advice and thought, “I could get paid for this”? Well, you actually can. Personal and business coaching has exploded as a profession, and if you have expertise in a particular area, there’s likely a market for your insights.

So What’s the Deal?

Personal coaches help individuals achieve their personal or professional goals, while business coaches help entrepreneurs and executives sharpen their strategy and leadership skills. In both roles, you act as a guide, helping your clients navigate challenges and make smarter decisions.

Requirements: Got What it Takes?

1. Expertise: A successful coaching career often starts with a solid background in a specific field.

2. Communication Skills: You need to articulate your ideas clearly and inspire confidence.

3. Listening Skills: Sometimes the best guidance comes after listening intently to your client’s needs and concerns.

Show Me the Money! 💰

So, how much dough are we talking about here? A seasoned personal or business coach can charge anywhere from $100 to $500 per hour, sometimes even more for corporate gigs. There are also various pricing models; you could offer package deals or even monthly memberships for ongoing consultations.

To get started, you can use platforms like or simply leverage your professional network. Building a strong portfolio and gathering testimonials will go a long way in establishing credibility and attracting higher-paying clients.

And just like that, another high-paying side gig is added to your roster. If you have a knack for helping people, why not turn it into a money-making venture? Whether it’s life advice or business strategies, your wisdom has value, and there’s likely someone willing to pay for it.


There you have it, a robust list of high-paying side gigs that can boost your income and potentially even launch you into a new career. I’ve walked this path myself, starting with It Really Works Vitamins. What began as a side hustle with limited funds and no experience turned into a thriving business that I eventually sold last summer. If I can do it, so can you!

Whether your forte is in the creative realm or you’re more of a numbers and analytics guru, there’s something here for everyone. Your existing skills can be leveraged in multiple ways; it’s all about finding the right fit for you.

The world of side gigs is vast and full of potential. All you need to kickstart this journey is a bit of courage and a dose of initiative. So, go ahead—take that first step, dive into a venture that excites you, and watch as opportunities unfold.

I hope this guide gives you the inspiration and practical knowledge you need to go out and claim your slice of the side gig pie. Keep an eye out for more updates from me on this topic, and as always, I’m rooting for you!

Welcome to my little sweeties!

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