Given Up On Your New Years Resolutions already? This Neurolinguistic Expert shows you how to reach peak performance ( Hint: It’s easier than you think)

Garth Delikan is ’The LifeStyle Guy’ a Life Coach specialising in neurolinguistic programming and clinical hypnotherapy and he is a keynote speaker, as well as a wonderful friend!

After facing professional challenges and personal setbacks, Garth rediscovered his sense of purpose and clarity by embracing a holistic approach to wellness, which included tailored exercise routines, mindful nutrition, motivation strategies, and a renewed focus on fitness.

Garth, what was the pivotal moment that led you to develop the Afterbask training method, and how did your personal experiences shape this system?”

Not sure if I could pinpoint the exact “pivotal” moment actually was, but I did realise after I reinvented myself and started training and coaching people, that I had something “special” to offer.

My daily exercise sessions were taking me to new levels in every aspect of my life, and I know that if I could do it, I could inspire others to do it too.

2. “Your method combines exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and motivation. Why do you believe a holistic approach is crucial for achieving peak physical and mental fitness?”

The mind, body and emotions are intrinsically linked, and one always affects the other. 

For example, if you don’t feel good about yourself it impacts your emotions which in turn has a knock on affect on what you feel like doing, if you feel good, it energises and motivates you, if you don;t feel so good, you do nothing and can easily get lost in a dark world of self pity and misery.

3. “In your journey, you faced professional adversity and personal setbacks. Can you share how these experiences influenced the development of your training philosophy?”

When my career as an advertising exec and personal life crashed and burned big time, I went into a very dark place.

Once I started to climb back out of that deepest, darkest pit of despair which seemed to have no bottom, I realised that it was my daily workouts which used to keep me sane, focused and centred!

Garth Delikan, Neurolinguistic Programmer and Life Coach

I realised I had learned more about myself in the gym or dojo, than life could ever teach me. Not just physically, but also how it forged my mind in fire and gave me unbelievable gifts. Tenacity, power, determination and unwavering belief in myself and what I could do.

4. “Could you elaborate on the specific exercises and routines in the Afterbask training plan? How does it differ from traditional fitness programs?”

I created it on the premise that “less is more.”

You can work hard hard and you can work long, but you can’t work hard and long. Short, sharp and enjoyable is the way forward.

It consists of just twenty minutes a day, 5 mins exercise, 5 mins journalling, 5 mins breathing and deep gratitude for everyone and everything in your life, 5 mins visualsation.

5. “Mental strength is a significant component of your method. Can you discuss some mental exercises or mindset shifts that you find particularly effective?”

I’ve found over the years through practicing creative myself and teaching others how to do it, is a perfect mind-body combination.

If you think you can, you will, if you think you can;t, you won’t. The mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is vividly and powerfully visualised and emotionalised.

6. “Nutrition plays a vital role in your system. What are some key dietary principles you recommend for someone starting the Afterbask training?”

Create how you would like to look in your own mind, see how you would look and imagine how you would feel. Then start to take daily action towards the goals you set for yourself.

Learn to listen to what your heart, mind and body are telling you, not your logic. Become intuitive to your own needs.

7. “What advice do you have for individuals who struggle to maintain motivation and consistency in their fitness journey?”

Take daily action no matter how small. Sit and do nothing and nothing happens, nothing changes and never will.

Take daily action, no matter how small and see and feel the difference it will make on your whole outlook of life.

Action creates momentum, momentum creates results!

8. “How does the Afterbask method address challenges and plateaus that people often face in their fitness and wellness journey?”

By challenging yourself and getting “uncomfortable” with how you look, feel and sound about yourself, you become empowered to make positive changes in your life.

If you want the same old same, sitting there being comfortable with how “uncomfortable” you actually feel about yourself is a guaranteed downward spiral to a life of nowhere. By embracing being “uncomfortable” and getting out of your comfort zone, you challenge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, and once you do, the magic begins!

9. “How has the Afterbask method impacted your personal and professional life, and what changes have you observed in others who have followed this system?”

It has given me an unwavering belief  in myself and my own abilities. Self confidence, self esteem, and more importantly, I know I have all the tools, techniques and strategies I will ever need to take charge of my own life and destiny.

By giving people the tools, techniques and strategies to take charge of their own lives, I’ve seen them take responsibility for everyone and everything that happens in their lives, rather than blame it on circumstances and things being out of their control.

10. “For someone just starting their journey to peak fitness and mental strength, what initial steps would you recommend?”

Set some achievable goals, Take your time, remember, it’s about evolution rather than revolution.

Believe and achieve!

11. “Are there any future developments or expansions planned for the Afterbask training method?”

I’m always refining and adding to the “afterbask” method of training as I coined that phrase from the feeling you should have after a fabulous workout, a great meal, a wonderful experience of the joie de vivre!

Go out there, set goals, believe in yourself, never listen to others and step into your own power!

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