32 of The Best Evening Side Hustles

31 Top Evening Side Hustles for the Night Owl:

Hello again, dear readers!

Warm greetings to both the regulars and first-timers dropping by Firefortuna.com. Every day on this blog I unravel tales of Fire Side Hustles, the nuances of entrepreneurship, and my very own odyssey of pioneering an online supplement venture! I sold my startup and share that whole story here:

I sold my startup on Acquire.com and I’ve never been happier!

Circling back to 2015, I started my first business as an evening side hustle, working from home around my dayjob! The uncatchy name was It Really Works Vitamins, a brand dedicated to men’s hair supplements. Steering the brand as a solopreneur, I navigated its highs and lows. Our triumphs included a series of sold-out milestones and a nice little feature in Forbes as one of The Best Nutrition Innovations 2019. I’ve linked it here, and my brand is right at the end of the list lol (can I also just say that I’m new to WordPress and I often struggle with embedding links behind the word lol! BEAR WITH ME GUYS.

( https://www.forbes.com/sites/leebelltech/2019/04/27/best-nutrition-innovation-2019/?sh=db91fba34868 )

By June 2022, I decided to pass on the torch of this brand, it was fun, but by the end I really was burnt out.

Today, apart from curating content for this blog, I’m knee-deep in an intriguing new project. Here’s a little spoiler: It’s going to be totally free, (check it out here:


If you’ve landed here, you’re looking for a nice, hopefully stress-free evening side hustle that you can do from home to earn extra income. I feel you! This is how I got started with my hair vitamins brand all those years ago. Here on the blog, I like to have a bigger vision – it’s not just an evening side hustle folks – it could turn into a million dollar business! Vision and faith here people, it’s all about vision and faith!

I sold my startup on Acquire.com and I’ve never been happeri

Today I’m diving into the nice world of Evening Side hustles. If you’re anything like me, you proably find yourself most active and productive in the evenings? Or maybe you’re occupied with your 9-to-5 but are looking for ways to earn extra income after dark. An evening side hustle might be your best bet. Here’s a curated list of 30 side hustles that are perfect for night owls.

Freelance Writing

Websites, blogs, magazines, and other media outlets are constantly seeking fresh content. Tap into this demand by offering your writing services. Whether it’s creating engaging blog posts, compelling stories, or technical articles, the flexibility of freelance writing lets you choose your projects and work hours.

Sell Digital Downloads


Lately, I’ve been diving deep into the world of digital downloads, experimenting with the platform Payhip. There’s something genuinely thrilling about the idea of crafting a digital product and watching it find its audience around the globe. And let me tell you, Payhip has made the journey surprisingly intuitive! Selling digital downloads as a side hustle feels so in tune with our tech-driven era. From crafting the perfect e-guide to designing a unique digital artwork, the possibilities are endless. I’m genuinely excited about what I’ve been learning and can’t wait to share all the insights with you soon!

Freelance Content Creation

In my spare time, I also create content on Fiverr in the hair and beauty niche. I love trying out new products and it’s a well-paid side hustle that has brought in just over £2500 pounds so far – I share my journey here:

I made an extra £2000 as content creator on Fiverr – this is a well-paid side hustle that i recommend :))

One thing I definitely recommend is using the app – I go into a lot of detail about how to earn an extra income on Fiverr above! Thoroughly recommend this app 🙂

Online Tutoring

If you’re proficient in a particular subject, leverage your knowledge to assist students worldwide. With the rise of e-learning platforms, you can connect with learners from different time zones who need tutoring during your evening hours.

Graphic Design

From logos to website designs, businesses are continually on the hunt for creative professionals. Platforms like Behance, Dribbble, and Fiverr can be great places to showcase your portfolio and attract potential clients.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote products you love on your blog or social media platforms. Every time someone purchases through your link, you earn a commission.

Online Surveys and Reviews

Companies value customer feedback and are willing to pay for it. Sign up on sites that offer compensation for taking surveys or writing reviews.

Crafting and Handmade Goods

If you’re skilled in crafting, consider selling your items on platforms like Etsy or at local craft fairs.


Start a blog or a YouTube channel about a topic you’re passionate about. Monetize through ads, sponsorships, or affiliate links.

Design custom t-shirts, mugs, or tote bags and use services like Teespring or Redbubble to handle printing and shipping.

Remote Customer Service

Many companies require after-hours customer support. Offer your services as a remote customer service representative during the evening.

Transcription Services

Convert audio files to text for clients. This job offers flexibility as you can listen and transcribe at your own pace.

Virtual Assistance

From email management to scheduling appointments, help business owners streamline their operations.

Stock Photography

If you’re good with a camera, sell your photos on stock platforms like Shutterstock or Getty Images.

Music Lessons

Offer online lessons for instruments you’re proficient in. Platforms like TakeLessons can help you connect with students.

E-book Publishing

Write and self-publish eBooks on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Topics can range from fiction stories to how-to guides.


Start an online store without holding inventory. Instead, purchase the product from a third party and have it shipped directly to the customer.

App Development

Develop mobile or desktop applications based on your expertise and sell them on platforms like the App Store or Google Play.


Launch a podcast on a topic you’re passionate about. Monetize through sponsorships, ads, or listener donations.

Fitness Coaching

Offer online fitness classes or personal training sessions during the evening hours.

Editing and Proofreading

Help authors, students, and professionals polish their writings by offering editing services.

Renting out Equipment

If you own equipment like cameras, drones, or tools, consider renting them out when you’re not using them.

Event Planning

Help clients plan events, from birthdays to weddings. This hustle often requires evening consultations.

Home Baking

Bake and sell gourmet cookies, cakes, or other delicacies in your community or online.

Social Media Management

Businesses often seek professionals to handle their social media channels. Offer your services to craft posts, schedule content, and engage with followers.

Pet Sitting

Take care of pets while their owners are away. This can include evening walks or overnight stays.


Offer advice and strategies in a field you’re experienced in, whether it’s marketing, finance, or any other industry.

Real Estate Investing

Explore opportunities in real estate, such as buying and renting properties. Evening hours can be used for research and planning.

Language Translation

If you’re bilingual, offer translation services for businesses or individuals.

House Cleaning

Many individuals and families prefer house cleaning services in the evening, making it a suitable side hustle for night owls.

Personal Chef

Prepare meals for busy families or individuals in their homes during the evening hours.

Webinars and Online Workshops

Share your knowledge on a particular topic through online classes. This can be especially effective if you have a following or niche expertise.

creating webinars as a side hustle

Wrapping Up: The Night Owl’s Guide to Hustling

And there you have it—a detailed guide for those who find their energy spiking when the sun sets. As you can see, the possibilities for evening side hustles are as varied as they are exciting. Whether you’re looking to tap into your creative side, leverage your expertise, or explore entirely new territories, there’s something on this list for every night owl out there.

Always remember, the key to a successful side hustle is not just identifying the right opportunity but also the passion and commitment you bring to it. Night hours offer a serene environment, fewer distractions, and the unique opportunity to work in peace.

Embrace the stillness of the evening, tap into your inner potential, and let these side hustles be the stepping stones to your financial and personal growth. Until our next rendezvous, keep hustling, dreamers!

The evening hours are a goldmine of opportunities for those looking to monetize their skills or hobbies. By choosing a side hustle that aligns with your passions and strengths, you can not only earn extra income but also enjoy the process. Remember, consistency and dedication are key to turning any side hustle into a thriving venture. Happy hustling!

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