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Are you a¬†teacher looking for the best side hustles to make some extra cash? Ever wondered what the best side gigs for educators are? Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to the 33 high paying side hustles especially designed for teachers. This article is teeming with ideas for side hustles, easy side jobs from home, and lucrative earnings opportunities to give your finances a healthy boost, all while working remotely. Whether you're interested in earning money on the side, running your own Etsy side hustle, becoming an eBay seller, or searching for creative businesses ideas, we've got a side hustle that will suit you. Read on, and let's help you secure a good side hustle job that is not only profitable but rewarding as well. Over 50% of teachers who have a side hustle do so to cover basic living expenses. What Makes A Side Hustle High-paying and lucrative for Teachers? A side hustle becomes high-paying and lucrative for teachers when it leverages their existing skills, knowledge, and expertise. For instance, the best side hustles for teachers often involve education-related activities such as tutoring, curriculum development, or educational consulting. These side gigs allow teachers to earn extra income without needing to learn new skills. Another factor that makes a side hustle lucrative is the demand for the service or product. Good side hustles for teachers often meet a need in the market. For example, many parents are willing to pay for private tutoring to help their children succeed academically. Similarly, educational materials such as lesson plans, worksheets, and e-books are in high demand. A side hustle can also be high-paying if it offers passive income. This means that once the initial work is done, the income continues to come in with minimal effort. Examples of this include writing and selling e-books or creating online courses. These are great side hustles for teachers as they can utilize their educational background and expertise. Flexibility is another key factor in a successful side hustle for teachers. Side jobs from home, such as online tutoring or freelance writing, allow teachers to work around their teaching schedules. This flexibility makes these side hustles more sustainable and less likely to interfere with their primary job. Finally, a side hustle can be lucrative if it has low startup costs. Many of the best teacher side hustles, such as tutoring or selling lesson plans online, require little to no initial investment. This means teachers can start earning extra income quickly without having to spend a lot of money upfront. Overall, the most lucrative side hustles for teachers are those that leverage their skills and knowledge, meet a market need, offer passive income potential, provide flexibility, and have low startup costs. By considering these factors, teachers can find a side hustle that not only brings in extra income but also fits well with their lifestyle and career. What are the best side hustles for teachers? These are the best side hustles for teachers and how much each of them earn! Side Hustle Benefits Average Earnings (per month) Run an After School Club Builds on teaching skills, high demand $500-$1000 Sell Teacher Resources Leverages existing knowledge, potential for passive income $200-$800 Sell Online Courses Flexibility, scalable income $1000-$5000+ Online tutoring Work from home, flexible hours $600-$1500 Consultancy Services Utilizes expertise, high income potential $1000-$4000 App Testing Flexible, easy to start $200-$1000 Etsy Creative outlet, potential for large earnings $300-$2000+ Blogging Passive income, personal expression $200-$3000+ Ebay Easy to start, wide potential market $200-$1500 Pet Sitting Fulfilling, flexible hours $500-$1500 Freelance Editing Utilizes language skills, can work from home $500-$2000 Virtual Assistant Remote work, varied tasks $600-$2000 Run an After School Club Running an after-school club can be one of the best teacher side hustles. For teachers who have a passion that aligns with subjects or activities students are interested in, facilitating such a club can offer a sense of joy as well as an extra paycheck. It also serves as an opportunity to form deeper relationships with students outside the regimented academic curriculum. Whether it's drama, coding, chess, or art-craft club, you can monetize your skills while inspiring and nurturing young minds.¬† What are the best side hustles for teachers? Consultancy Another high-paying side hustle that works well for teachers is offering consultancy services. Experienced teachers can provide consulting in curriculum development or educational policy-making to schools or educational institutions. This is often done on a freelance basis, giving you full control over your workload and schedule, and has a sizable earning potential.¬† At the heart of these consultancy services lies your intrinsic teaching knowledge, making it one of the good side hustles for teachers. Whether you're consulting about curriculum development, educational policy, or school governance systems, your expertise is what makes you a¬†valuable asset. When you're opting for side jobs for extra cash, it's important to consider the scalability of your side hustle. Consulting takes your current skills and magnifies them, potentially resulting in a¬†far more lucrative side hustle than other options.¬† If you're concerned about the time commitment, don't worry! Consultancy can be a¬†part-time side hustle, handled remotely, that can seamlessly work around your teaching schedule. This makes it a¬†great fit for teachers seeking side hustle ideas that are manageable in addition to their full-time jobs. Plus, with the demand for educational consultants on the rise, the chances of securing long-term contracts increase. Let's not forget, an established consultancy business can easily be passed to budding educational consultants, keeping the cycle going, and making it one of the best teacher side hustles.¬† Etsy¬† If you're creatively inclined, Etsy can be a lucrative side hustle. Etsy is an ecommerce platform that specializes in handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. It's a place for artists to showcase their products across the globe. For teachers, you can use it to sell your artistry or craft, whether its handmade jewelry, knitted items, custom stationary for teachers or educational toys. Turning your hobby into a side hustle could not only provide a creative outlet, but a good side hustle source of income as well.¬† Let's look at some impressive examples of teachers who have managed to transform their passions into successful Etsy stores. One such store is "MissBellepepperDesigns", created by a¬†schoolteacher who crafts charming educational felt boards, finger puppets and other learning resources. Miss Belle Pepper's passion for early childhood education is evident in her creations, which aid in learning through play.¬† Another noteworthy example is CraftyTeachersCorner. Run by two teachers with a¬†combined teaching experience of over 40 years, this Etsy store offers diverse resources such as classroom organizational printables, learning games, and teacher gift ideas. Their products are practical, creative, and designed with a¬†teacher's perspective in mind.¬† The story of "JoySchipperArt" also serves as great inspiration for teachers looking to launch their own Etsy businesses. An art teacher by profession, Joy Schipper started selling her painting and calligraphy work on Etsy, eventually managing to build a¬†thriving business. Her store features a¬†unique collection of watercolor art prints, custom portraits, and cards. It's a¬†beautiful example of expressing one's artistic voice while making an extra income.¬† These Etsy shops demonstrate how teachers can use their specific skills and interests to create a¬†side hustle that not only earns extra cash, but can also bring joy and satisfaction. Sell Teacher Resources Selling resources on Teachers Pay Teachers is also a good side hustle for teachers. They can create and sell lesson plans, worksheets, or other educational resources to other teachers. This is a great way to earn money on the side. Finding success in the field of selling educational resources, a¬†math teacher named Finding success in the field of selling educational resources, a¬†math teacher named Rachel Lynette has sold over¬†one million resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. She creates engaging math activities, worksheets, and lesson plans that not only helps children learn but also saves time for fellow teachers. Another example is a¬†kindergarten teacher named Deanna Jump¬†who has amassed immense popularity and financial success by selling her creative and interactive teaching resources on the platform.¬† Elements such as interactive learning games, lesson plans revolving around current events, graphic organizers for complex concepts, and diversity-inclusive teaching materials are highly sought after. For instance, an English teacher turned side business entrepreneur, Angela Watson, has found success by creating and selling resources tailored to promote critical thinking and literacy skills among students.¬† In addition, many teachers have found financial and professional success by turning their specialty subjects or niche teaching strategies into sellable resources. For example, bilingual teachers have a¬†unique edge, creating and selling dual-language resources or lesson plans geared towards English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) students. Similarly, teachers with a¬†background in Special Education can create valuable resources for inclusive learning. Event Planning For the vibrant social butterflies, event planning could be one of the most interesting side hustle ideas. Teachers are renowned for their management skills and ability to work under pressure. These competencies can be well-utilized in event planning. Birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate functions, the list goes on. This side hustle can be exceptionally engaging, creative, and profitable.¬† Sell Online Courses Creating and selling online courses is another lucrative side hustle. Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, or Teachable allow teachers to create courses on subjects they are passionate about and earn money each time a student purchases their course. This is a great way to make money on the side. Take for instance, Rob Percival A¬†mathematics teacher by profession, Percival transformed his passion for teaching into a¬†successful side business by creating web development courses on Udemy. His course, "The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0," reportedly generated over $1 million in sales in just one year.¬† Another success story is Melissa McGraw, a¬†former science teacher who turned her passion for skincare into an online course, "The Lab of Luxury," that teaches other women the art of creating luxury skincare products at home. Also on Udemy, she's earned a¬†solid side income, with her courses racking up thousands of dollars in sales each month.¬† Last but not least is Vicki Davis, a¬†full-time high school teacher who made a¬†significant side income with her course "Flipping Awesome Teaching: Teach Like a Hero With her experience and creativity, she was able to leverage Teachable to earn a¬†healthy side income while still maintaining her primary job. All three of these teachers took their professional knowledge and packaged it into an online course, earning not only side income, but also prestige as authorities in their respective fields. These are just a¬†few examples of how teaching skills can be transformed into a¬†lucrative side hustle for teachers. If a¬†teacher is proficient in graphic design, they could create a¬†basic course on using Adobe Photoshop on platforms like Udemy. Once completed, this course could be a¬†consistent source of income each time a¬†new student chooses to enroll. Moreover, the flexible nature of these platforms allow teachers to work on these course materials at their own pace.¬† Moreover, for a¬†fitness enthusiast teacher, a¬†course on effective home workouts could be created and published on Coursera. This could reach a¬†broad audience looking for fitness advice, providing the teacher with another profitable side hustle.¬† Teachers who enjoy creating artistic content can also consider teaching it. For example, creating an online tutorial on watercolor painting techniques on Teachable. As more and more people are seeking artsy hobbies, this could turn into a¬†lucrative side hustle. Online tutoring Online is one of the best side gigs for teachers. With platforms like Chegg,, or Wyzant, teachers can offer their expertise in various subjects to students worldwide. This is a good side hustle as it allows teachers to use their existing knowledge and teaching skills. Stephanie, a¬†middle school science teacher, found her lucrative side hustle in online tutoring after conventional school hours. She offers homework help and test prep in the evenings and on weekends, easily netting an extra $1,000 each month via platforms like Chegg and¬† Another example is Derek, a¬†high school math teacher, who earns an extra income by providing exam preparation assistance. Known for his knack at making complex equations seem easy, he's gained a¬†loyal clientele on platforms such as Wyzant. He clocks an impressive additional $1,500 every month from this side hustle.¬† Lastly, Heather, an English teacher, recognized a¬†demand for English language lessons amongst international students. Using her skill set, she dove into online tutoring and has managed to build a¬†profitable business on the side, earning an extra $2,000 monthly. The key to her success has been offering personalized lessons that cater to each student's specific needs. Test Prep Coaching Another good side hustle for teachers is test prep coaching. Many parents are willing to pay for their children to receive extra help preparing for college entrance exams or other standardized tests. This can be done remotely and is a great way to make money on the side. Freelance Graphic Design¬† Artistically inclined teachers might find freelance graphic design to be among the creative side hustles that work perfectly with their skill set. Websites like Upwork or Fiverr can serve as platforms to start this lucrative side hustle. It can be done entirely online and offers a¬†good way to make extra money.¬† Online Fitness Coaching¬† An active lifestyle or passion for fitness can be turned into a¬†profitable part-time side hustle. An online fitness coaching program can serve as useful side jobs from home for teachers. Aside from earning money on the side, it's also a¬†great way to share your passion and maintain your fitness level.¬† Language Tutoring¬† If you're a¬†language teacher or proficient in more than one language, use that skill to earn extra cash. Language tutoring can be listed under the best teacher side hustles as it allows you to leverage your existing abilities and potentially build them further. Websites like Preply and italki help connect tutors with students making it an accessible side hustle business idea.¬† Social Media Management¬† Given the digital era, good side hustle jobs also exist in social media management. If you‚Äôre savvy with social media platforms, you could offer your services to small businesses or individuals who need help managing their online presence. This is a top side hustle that could potentially evolve into a full-time remote job. Consultancy Services Another profitable side hustle is offering consultancy services. Teachers can offer their expertise in curriculum development, educational technology, or school administration to educational institutions or ed-tech startups. This is a good side business that can bring in extra cash. App Testing Teachers with a knack for technology might consider app or website testing as a side hustle. Platforms like UserTesting pay individuals to test and review websites and apps. This is a good side hustle job that can be done remotely. App and website testing side jobs can typically be completed in less than an hour, making them ideal for teachers with a packed schedule. These side hustles require no special equipment ‚ÄĒ just a reliable internet connection and a computer or smartphone. Testing gigs are straightforward side jobs for teachers ‚ÄĒ you simply navigate through a website or app, recording what you find intuitive or frustrating. Most testing platforms provide clear guidelines on what they expect from their testers, offering feedback opportunities for improvement. Pay varies but can range from $10 to $60 per test ‚ÄĒ a lucrative side hustle that can add up over time. Beyond financial gains, such side hustles for teachers also boost technological literacy ‚ÄĒ a valuable skill in today's digital society. Testing opportunities aren't limited to working hours, which means that teachers can choose when they want to work, facilitating a work-life balance. Since testing side gigs are online-based, they're a perfect example of remote side hustles that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Blogging Still on the creative end of things, blogging or content creation can be an ideal side job idea for teachers with a knack for writing. Share your experiences, your passions, or your knowledge. There are numerous platforms available where you can post your blog and even monetize it through ads or sponsored content. This is among the side jobs for extra money that allows you to work at your pace, on your schedule.¬† For example, Angela Watson, a¬†former primary school teacher, runs 'The Cornerstone for Teachers' blog¬†This successful blog includes a¬†variety of resources for teachers, from lesson ideas to tips on classroom organization. Watson also offers a¬†range of books, online courses, and a¬†podcast, all of which provide revenue streams alongside ad income. ¬† Trent Kays, a¬†former university lecturer, runs the blog 'Trenton Kays', where he shares his insights on education, technology, and writing. Trent has garnered a¬†substantial following for his thought-provoking content. Through sponsored posts and collaborations, he has turned his passion into a¬†profitable side hustle.¬† Another great example is the duo, Adam and Emily, former teachers turned full-time bloggers who manage the site 'Hip Homeschool moms'. They offer a¬†wealth of homeschooling resources and practical advice for parents. Their income is generated through advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing, making this a¬†prime example of a¬†lucrative side hustle. ¬† Pat Flynn, a¬†former high school teacher, runs the successful blog 'Smart Passive Income'. Flynn shares tips for making money online and running a¬†business. His blog has become his primary source of income through various monetization strategies, including affiliate marketing, selling his own products, and ad revenue.¬† A former high school teacher, runs the successful blog 'Smart Passive Income'. Flynn shares tips for making money online and running a business. His blog has become his primary source of income through various monetization strategies, including affiliate marketing, selling his own products, and ad revenue.¬† For educators seeking side hustle jobs online, blogging can serve as one of the best side hustles for teachers. Drawing on rich personal experiences and insights from the classroom, teachers can create engaging and informative content appealing to varied audience sectors. Blogs can cover an array of themes, from educational strategies and classroom management to personal growth anecdotes and advice for fellow teachers.¬† Building your own education-themed blog could be one of your most profitable side hustles. Income primarily relies on site traffic and the chosen monetization strategies. You could earn money via affiliate marketing, running ads, sponsored posts, or selling personalized teaching resources and e-books. Not only does this side job offer a¬†platform to share your pedagogy and experiences, but it also contributes significantly to passive income.¬† Blogging as a¬†side hustle is not confined to subjects strictly related to teaching. Teachers can utilize their diverse skill sets to create content on varied topics, like DIY crafting, cooking, health and wellness, travel, fiction writing, and beyond. The key is to choose a¬†topic you are passionate about and can regularly generate content for. This means the options for blogging as a¬†side hustle are virtually limitless, making it one of the best teacher side hustles.¬† Flynn's journey in blogging is a¬†classic example of turning passions into a¬†profitable side business. Starting a¬†blog allows teachers to explore their interests while generating extra income. So, if you're a¬†teacher looking for ideas for side hustles, consider launching a¬†blog and sharing your knowledge with the world. It is undoubtedly among the side best gigs for teachers aspiring to generate extra cash while inspiring others. Ebay Another great way to make money on the side is by selling products on eBay. An eBay side hustle can be initiated with items that you no longer need, steadily adding more over time. You can decide what to sell from toys, clothing, electronics, or collectibles. The advantage here is the potential global reach of the eBay platform which presents a¬†high chance for profitability.¬† Pet Sitting In relation to pets, becoming a¬†pet sitter or dog walker through Rover or Wag can be a¬†profitable side hustle. Services can be advertised through flyers, business cards, or local Facebook groups. This is one of the remote side hustles that provides teachers some fresh air and fun time with our furry friends; plus, it fits conveniently with their daily schedule, making it among the top side hustles.¬† Freelance Editing Freelance writing or editing is a good side hustle job for teachers, especially those with a knack for languages and grammar. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr offer opportunities for teachers to write or edit content and get paid for their services. Virtual Assistant Teachers can also consider becoming a virtual assistant. This side hustle involves administrative tasks like scheduling, email management, or social media management. Websites like Zirtual or Belay offer opportunities for teachers to become virtual assistants. Another excellent possibility is turning your passions into a¬†side hustle, especially with online teaching jobs available. It's a¬†good side hustle for teachers that are already versed in the world of education, enjoying the convenience of working from home while continuing to engage with students. In fact, it's one of the best side hustles to make money, whilst leveraging their extensive knowledge. Websites like VIPKid or Chegg Tutors are perfect platforms to get this side business rolling.¬† Freelance Writing¬† Teachers are typically fantastic at writing, and freelance writing can make an excellent side hustle job online with a¬†good income potential. From blog posts to articles and even technical or educational content, the opportunities are endless. Websites like Upwork, Fiverr or ProBlogger are excellent places to start looking for freelance writing gigs. Moreover, freelance writing can provide a¬†flexible schedule, making it an optimal choice for a¬†part-time side hustle amidst teaching duties.¬† Naturally, for those more inclined toward the sciences, there's an abundance of opportunities within the realm of science writing or technical documentation. As with any freelance work, the potential for income is largely contingent upon the volume and nature of the work undertaken, but rest assured, it can certainly be a¬†lucrative side hustle.¬† Pet Sitting and Dog Walking¬† Pet sitting and dog walking can prove to be quite a¬†rewarding and fun side hustle for teachers. Not only does this side job for extra cash involve spending time with adorable pets, but it also provides flexibility in hours. You can get started with services like Rover or Wag, and even start your own side business by advertising through flyers, business cards, or local Facebook groups.¬† As one of the fairly easy side hustles, it offers the flexibility to work on your own terms and to make your own schedule. So, whether you're a¬†dog lover or a¬†cat enthusiast, pet sitting and dog walking could just be the uplifting and profitable side hustle you need! Overall, these side hustles not only provide teachers with an opportunity to earn extra income but also allow them to use their skills and passions in new and exciting ways. Home Cleaning Services¬† If you're open to stepping out of the educational field, cleaning houses is another good side business option for teachers. As it can be scheduled around your teaching hours, it is a¬†reliable and easy side hustle to juggle. It also offers an opportunity to engage in physical activity, which can be a¬†refreshing change from teaching.¬† Teacher Side Hustle Facts: Nearly 1 in 3 teachers have a second job during the school year. Teachers with side hustles earn an average of $5,100 annually from their part-time work. Over 50% of teachers who have a side hustle do so to cover basic living expenses. About 36% of teachers use their side hustle income to pay off debt. Teachers who sell their lesson plans online can make up to $1,000 per month. Freelance writing, a popular side hustle for teachers, can earn them an average of $24 per hour. Teachers who work as test scorers on the side can make up to $25 per hour. Teachers who start a blog can earn an average of $33,000 per year through advertising and affiliate marketing. Teachers who work as virtual assistants on the side can earn an average of $20 per hour. Teachers who work as fitness instructors on the side can earn an average of $25 per hour. Teachers who work as translators on the side can earn an average of $20 per hour. Teachers who work as pet sitters on the side can earn an average of $1,000 per month. In conclusion, exploring the best side hustles for teachers can up open an of array profitable opportunities. Many educators have discovered the benefits of good side hustles for teachers and turned these additional endeavors into profitable ventures. For instance, Business Insider tells the story of a¬†group of teachers who started their online tutoring businesses and now earn six figures annually. This clearly underlines that side jobs from home can be just as effective as the primary job.¬† Additionally, there are several teachers who've delved into the world of side hustle jobs online, such as Kelly, an elementary school teacher who created her Etsy side hustle. She shared her story on Through selling personalized classroom resources, Kelly made an extra $1000 per month. Yet another testament how creative side hustles can result in considerable side hustles for money.¬† Alicia, a¬†high school teacher found a¬†highly profitable side business through eBay. Reported by The Penny Hoarder, Alicia started an eBay side hustle reselling items she found at thrift stores. Before long, Alicia was bringing in an additional $500 a¬†month.¬† Lastly, take the example of Tara, a¬†Middle school teacher who started her fitness coach side gig. As featured on Business News Daily, Tara used her love for fitness to build a¬†side business as a¬†personal trainer. While it was an easy side hustle to start, it soon grew into a¬†lucrative side hustle that significantly supplemented her income. All these examples should provide ample proof that with some creativity and dedication, teachers can indeed find top side hustles that don't just complement their skill set, but also add a¬†substantial amount to their income.

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